ability level

  1. kattemissen

    Increase level of ability for an entire unit-type owned by a player

    So I have a map where each player is spawning waves of units and have the ability to upgrade these units. I want to have upgrades, which increase a level of an ability for all units of a certain type, so that upcoming waves spawn units with increased ability levels. Is this possible to do...
  2. Ricola3D

    [Solved] Patch 1.31: 0-indexed & not-0-indexed functions ??

    Hello, I read that with patch 1.31 normally all "natives" are now 0-indexed. However I have the following trigger that seems to proove it wrong. The trigger is done to reduce all cooldowns by 20% when a unit carries an given item (In short, everytime a spell is cast, I compare the ability CD...