ability ideas

  1. SerenityInFire

    [Altered Melee] Need Ideas for Lizard Man Hero spells

    I need some ideas for spells and abilities for the following heroes for the Lizard Man faction in my map, Barbarians: The Dark Ages. [Altered Melee] - Barbarians: The Dark Ages Warlord - Strength Hero, adept at stunning and damaging enemy troops. Has Thunder Clap and Bash. Royal Guard - Agility...
  2. ravellani

    Hero Siege Hero Ideas

    I am making a hero siege and I want to make all the normal melee units into heroes with 3 ability's and 1 ultimate each. I also want the ability's to go with the unit they are for, so for instance the footman might have defend. I would like ideas for the footman, elf archer, grunt, and the...