1. The contestants were to create water structures for the 20th Terraining Contest. Choose one in the public poll!
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Model Information

  • InfantryRussian.blp
  • Textures\Dust3x.blp
  • Textures\Flame4.blp
  • Textures\gutz.blp
  • Textures\HeroTinker.blp
  • Attack
  • Attack Alternate
  • Death
  • Death Alternate
  • Decay Bone
  • Decay Flesh
  • Morph
  • Morph Alternate
  • Portrait
  • Portrait Talk
  • Stand - 1
  • Stand - 2
  • Stand Alternate
  • Stand Ready
  • Stand Ready Alternate
  • Stand Work
  • Walk
  • Walk Alternate
Has Team Glow:
Has Team Color:
Number of Polygons: