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Legacy of Whampoa

  • Directive255


    Nov 4, 2010
    This pastebin serves to host anything relevant to Legacy of Whampoa.

    Legacy of Whampoa
    Warcraft III Custom Campaign Edition

    • Overview

      This campaign requires Patch 1.30.1 or above to work properly!
      Do please restart the current map if you encounter any game-breaking bugs that left you stuck.

      Alastorn, the realm of darkness chronicled in rumors and tales for ages. A realm hosting vast acres of new lands, complete with many wonders and treasures buried deep within the darkness. Survivors of fallen empires come to rebuild their nations to glory, and many ambitious ones also came along, whether to hunt for the wonders or even rise new empires of their own. However, as rich and fertile as this planet might be, many more foul creatures and other unknown hazards lurked in the shadows waiting for unsuspecting preys.

      Helmina, after uniting most of the Whampoans under her banner, begins a secret portal project -- codenamed "Dunkelheit". She took a huge leap of faith bringing her people over to this strange and alien world, in a last bid to evade the Taiwanese Empire and hopefully restore their nation to glory.

      Meanwhile, Theresia Yong -- Empress of the Yong Dynasty -- holds great ambitions for her Taiwanese Empire while tensions with her newfound yet suspicious allies are on the rise. However, for a long time the situation was an awkward stalemate -- and there was little to be done. But this has all changed recently. When rumors of the "Dunkelheit" project reach her ears, she decides to make her next moves.

      • Custom Lore spanning over three planets; Urban Fantasy with an Alternate History as background.
      • Brand New Factions : Play as the desperate Whampoans, the misty Renegades, the shadowy Triads, the ambitious Taiwanese, and much more. Also, each faction may come with varying number of subfactions!
      • A blend of C&C and Warcraft III gameplay.
      • Meet the Battlemages -- sorcerers well-equipped for modern warfare.
      • Upgrades and Progressions of Entire Techtrees : As the story unfolds, the factions will also gradually advance and revamp their arsenals. (under development)
      • Difficulty System (under development)

    • Characters

      Puan Helmina
      • Full Name : Helmina Teau von Saantau
      • Occupation(s) : Shogun of the Whampoan Reich, Chairwoman of the Whampoan Revival Society
      • Affiliation(s) : Whampoan Shogunate, Whampoan Revival Society

      A mysterious lady blessed, or rather cursed, with paranormal powers of crimson blood. Together with her wits, she is a great ally to depend on, and a horrifying opponent to deal with. Helmina was the great lady who put an end to the inner bickerings and brought the Whampoan clans under a united banner, after around ten years of everlasting fracture. As the Shogun of Whampoa, she deeply cares for her people and hopes for all the best for her beloved nation. However, she also holds prospects and desires of her own. Now, with her power base firmly secured amongst the rebel Whampoans, she is ready to take a bold leap of faith -- a leap of faith that will bring them to a whole new world...
      Berthold Tschan
      • Full Name : Berthold Tschan von Lenggong
      • Occupation(s) : Chieftain of the Lenggong Clan, Pretender King of Nanyang
      • Affiliation(s) : Whampoan Shogunate, Lenggong Clan

      Berthold, already a huge player in Whampoan history, is the Chieftain of the Lenggong Clan. He used to be the Grand Emperor of Whampoa, and also ruled over his once mighty and prosperous kingdom -- the Kingdom of Nanyang. Berthold was very well-liked by his people for his brilliant reign of joy, justice and abundance. He even played a grand part in founding the very first Whampoan Reich alongside Taiwan's Theresia Yong. However, his power and popularity has been declining ever since Whampoa's defeat in the Fourth Great War. The remaining parts of his kingdom were completely overrun during the early days of the Fifth Great War, leaving him a tragic leader of a few loyal regiments. He grouped his remaining supporters and followers into the Lenggong Clan, awaiting for the day when he reclaim his rightful place as the Grand Emperor of Whampoa and the King of Nanyang.
      Theresia Yong
      • Full Name : Theresia Yong von Kokang
      • Occupation(s) : Matriarch of the Yong Dynasty, Empress of the Taiwanese Empire
      • Affiliation(s) : Taiwanese Empire

      As the matriarch of a prominent royal dynasty and the empress of a vast empire, Theresia Yong is easily one of the most influential and powerful ladies ever. She holds great mastery over her sorceries and martial arts, while also being caring for her people, making her one of the most feared and adored. Always an ambitious and aspiring leader, she always strives for the best for her empire, her people and herself. Despite her caring nature, she also tends to have traitorous leanings, too. Besides, deep down, she yearns for more power and even longs to achieve supreme godhood. Who knows if one day she must choose only between one or the other -- her people, or her godhood. Similar to Berthold, she also played a grand role in the history of Whampoa.

    • Major Factions
      (Picture) The Whampoan Shogunate

      Whampoa, once a great nation, was reduced to ruins and rubbles after their crushing defeat in the Fifth Great War. In addition, the Whampoan nation had also splintered into many bickering clans and cliques halfway during the war. These clans fought one another whilst evading the Yong Dynasty of Taiwan.

      The infightings persisted for ten years, until a great lady -- Helmina -- arose out of the chaos and united most of the Whampoan clans under her banner. Now, she takes a huge leap of faith, by leading her people towards the dark, mysterious Alastorn. This way, she hoped she can escape the Taiwanese Empire's relentless hunt, and hopefully revive the Whampoan nation too.
      (Picture) The Yong Dynasty / The Taiwanese Empire

      Yong Dynasty, a very influential and distinguished royal house of Asia, rules over the Taiwanese Empire. After their appalling betrayal to Whampoa, the Yong Dynasty not only reclaimed their former clays in Whampoa, but was also rewarded with the rest of the remaining Whampoan clays as well.

      However, tensions with most of its newfound allies were on the rise ever shortly after the Fifth Great War ended. Taiwan is encircled on all sides and closely watched over by the rest of the untrusting Allied Powers.

      A great opportunity was bestowed upon Taiwan, as words of a secret portal program made their way to Empress Theresia. To further fulfill Theresia's ambitions and to gain an edge over all the other powers, the Taiwanese begin making their moves.
      (Picture) The Empire of Harkiu

      A powerful empire in Alastorn, founded by fleeing Triads from Earth around a thousand years ago. Ruled by Goh Yuet-yin, the Dragonqueen they all love and serve with persisting zeal. The empire is widely known and feared for their powers to twist the darkness and bend the earth to their will, along with their powers to shower rains of bullets and flames against their enemies. Apart from that, many brutal natives and dark beasts of the dark world have been raised and tamed to obey the Dragonqueen as well.

      With the criminal intellects and mining skills taken from their homeworld, their systems have expanded. Salvaging and scavenging lost materials and parts that showed up mysteriously in Alastorn, their techs have also developed enough. Under Yuet-yin's reign, the empire has prospered into greatness, and ultimately grown into a fearsome nightmare for anyone foolish enough to stand in her way.
      (Picture) The Renegade Covenant

      A ghost faction of former criminals said to haunt the northwestern terrains. Outlaws that mysteriously appeared in Alastorn without a clue. They banded together to form the Renegade Covenant, led by two twins that served as their masterminds.

      Living in the world's dark, cold, mysterious and dangerous conditions, the individuals have adapted to its environment, and enhanced their physical abilities, as well as their survival instincts. They are known as the Devourers, but some also call them Renegades. Although their numbers aren't particularly huge, their experiences in combat and ingenuity in scavenging to form their own weapons are high. Granting them the top of the chain within the organizations of Alastorn.
      (Picture) The Japanese Shogunate

      A civilization founded by Imperial Japanese troops, who found themselves lost in Alastorn all of a sudden. A very militaristic and prideful nation, the Japanese Shogunate inherits long lost traditions of Feudal Japan and Imperial Japan. Being prideful of its traditions do not stop the Japanese Shogunate from advancing their technologies, however, for the Japanese Shogunate boasts a handful of impressive innovations. Furthermore, the Japanese Shogunate pioneers the fields of solar energy and robotics.

      The Japanese Shogunate holds an ancient grudge against the Harkiuian Triads and the Freikorpsians, while condemning the newly arrived Whampoan Shogunate as blasphemous heretics. Considers itself as the rightful heir of Amaterasu and Asia.
      (Picture) The Empire of Pherith

      An ancient empire hailing from the mystical world of Vestroya, currently led by Kaiser Tikiyachod. Home to many diverse cultures, one may see humans, orcs, elves, dwarves and goblins living in harmony and unity. On the other hand, the peoples of Pherith are also full of pride and glory, together with a sense of self-righteousness and imperialism too.

      The Pherithian society promotes cultural and intellectual exchanges, making Pherith a paradise for many prominent scholars, artists and battlemages. Pherith wields a myriad of potent technologies and sorceries, especially in the fields of wind manipulation and plasma energy. All of these helped cultivated Pherith into the impressive superpower it is today, but also a bothersome busybody that likes to intervene in others' affairs.

      A few decades ago, Pherith has been sending several expeditions to explore and conquer the world of Alastorn, in order to subjugate their bitter enemy -- the Empire of Harkiu, while also securing more resources and expanding their frontiers.

      (Picture) The Empire of Laedenia

      A newborn empire right next to Pherith's doorsteps in Vestroya, ruled under the iron fists of Emperor Laeden and Empress Nazraj. It came into being after Laeden's treacherous rebellion against Pherith. Laedenian ranks mainly consist of vampires, reptilians and orcs, together with their hellish war machines, hideous creatures and unfortunate slaves. The empire is run under a mixed hierarchy of meritocracy and lineage, with the Imperial couple overruling everyone else. Slavery and conquest is what fuels this fearsome, loathsome empire of foul horror. The massive, terrifying legions of Laedenia yearn for power and domination, and no amount of lands are enough to sate their everlasting lust.
      (Picture) The Dazzlesun Circle

      The shadowy cult that pulls the strings behind the scenes. Not much is known about this secretive cult so far, but it is rumored to have connections with the Triad Empire of Harkiu. Many tales speak of their insidious ability to bend one's mind and twist the light. Hearsays also attribute sudden disappearances of weapons and personnels to this particular cult, too.

      Their insignia is a shining yellow sun with twelve rays in the middle of a blue circle, complete with an Eye of Horus slapped onto the center. This cult appears to have an affinity, or rather, obsession with Ancient Egypt, Imperial Japan, the Chinese Kuomintang and the Whampoan nation. Apart from that, the Dazzlesun Circle seems to love black crows and white snakes very much.

      And meet many more minor factions as you play the campaign!

    • Screenshots

      Visit this album for more screenshots!
      Some Screenshots are taken from an earlier Work In Progress.

      Featured Screenshots


    • Chapters

      Introduction : ???
      N/A 0%

      Chapter 1 : Leaps of Faith
      • Whampoan Shogunate
        • Whampoan Revival Society (main)

      Chapter 2 : The Dark Realm
      • Whampoan Shogunate
        • (Choose One Subfaction at Game Start)

    • Credits

      Special Thanks :
      • @Mythic :
        This guy helps me a lot in ironing out the many tedious bugs all over the place! He also provides me some good ideas every once in awhile, too.​

      • @Battleborn :
        A very supportive fan of mine who was already there during this project's early development. Thanks a lot, mate!​

      • @cleavinghammer :
        He offered many awesome ideas for battlemage spells. Without him, I would have a harder time making battlemages relevant and awesome enough in the campaign.​

      • @Leo Akastenix :
        A very impressive dude who helps a great ton in providing ideas. Many systems and concepts in this campaign were taken from an earlier collaborative project that sadly never came to fruition.​

      • @Edge45 :
        We came up with the idea for the Renegade Covenant whilst roleplaying together. He have also shaped and influenced my style, and the campaign's backstory, too. I also talked with him a lot when needing some ideas and feedbacks. Besides that, he's a supportive friend as well, he helps encouraging me to keep going on.​

      • @bear_369 :
        He gave me some ideas and also helped fix the triggers. Some ideas for this campaign came while I was roleplaying with homies like him.​

      • @Paillan :
        The very idea of Alastorn, a dark planet with little sunlight, came from him while we were roleplaying. I also want to thank him for letting us all make use of his brilliant idea anytime, anywhere. ;)

      • HerrDave : German Infantries, Old Sir Infantries, and other WotK stuffs
      • Illidan(evil)x : C&C Red Alert Pack, Replaceable Flag Pole, and a few other stuffs
      • Ujimasa Hojo : Ujimasa Hojo's Resources
      • Dragon Elf Mogare : Taiwanese Zealot
      • PrinceYaser : BTNGunfire
      • Fingolfin : New Oaks, New Birchs, Realistic Airplane System
      • Kitabatake : Encampment
      • General Frank (Frankster): Tanks, Blood Elf Lieutenant Icon
      • Talon the Mage: Bullet Projectiles
      • Graber : Simple Depot
      • Sellenisko : "Dunkeiheit" Gateway
      • NFWar : Conscript Icon
      • Kofi_Banan : Barracks II
      • Zwiebelchen : Puan Helmina
      • Remixer : Alastornian Flora and Fauna
      • Mythic : Alastornian Tileset
      • Induwer : Teamcolored Stone Walls
      • Cuore : Renegade Arquebusier
      • Mr. Bob : Building Models
      • eubz : Building Models
      • Sin'dorei300 : Bridge Repair Hut

      • New chapters are to be added before the current First Chapter ("Leaps of Faith")
      • @Directive255 owns and reserves all the rights to the plot and overall storyline in Legacy of Whampoa : Dunkelheit -- Warcraft III Custom Campaign Edition.
      • Some character names, faction names and other ideas are jointly owned by more than one authors.
      • All other materials belong to their respective owners.


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