The Hive Merchant


Map Moderator
Level 26
Aug 6, 2015
Archian's Deceiving Finger

+30% attack speed
+500 mana points
Corruption Aura (unique passive) - All enemies within 900 radius will deal 50% LESS physical damage.
Electrofinger (unique active) - Releases a volatile burst of energy towards 3000 range in the targeted direction, dealing 450 magical damage and applying Disrupt on all enemies hit. Disrupt interrupts any current orders.

Cooldown time: 30 seconds
Ceterai's Bracelet

+300 health points
+30 armor
Shamanic Ancestor (unique passive) - Grants 35% chance to summon a barrier upon your hero, that fully negates the physical damage received from the

last source targeting you. Blocks physical damage from both attacks and hero abilities.
Ceter Aura (unique passive) - Whenever your hero gains bonus armor points, an additional 30% bonus value is applied on the current armor, boosting it further. Cannot be stacked with another Ceterai's Bracelet!
CloudWolf's Magus Staff

Magic Over Everything (unique passive) - Cuts out 15 points from the current Inner Power and Speed Burst, but increases Magical Power by 40.
Arcane Virus (unique passive) - Enemies within 750 radius will lose 4% of their maximum mana each second. The effect goes through magic immunity!
Link of the Anti-Mage (unique active) - Targets a buffed opponent as well as 6 additional enemies within 600 range of the previous one, removing all of their buffs while burning 60 mana points per each buff removed. Can target summoned units and instantly kill them.

Cooldown time:20 seconds
DarkFang's Mage Orb

Fire Orb (unique passive) - grants 25% chance on each attack to deal 100 bonus magic damage and mini-stun the foe for 0.50 seconds.
Ice Orb (unique passive) - whenever you physically touch an opponent, 40% movement slow is applied to it for the next 3 seconds.
Lightning Orb (unique passive) - launches a fast moving bolt of lightning at the closest enemy hero within 1500 range, dealing 260 magic damage. Prioritizes the most injured foe.

Cooldown time:20 seconds
General Frank's Cuirass

+50% increased magic resistance

Mystic Cuirass (unique passive) - All instances of physical damage either from abilities or attacks, are reduced by 80 points. Will not block piercing damage.
Mark of the Immortal (unique passive) - Upon being killed, the hero comes back to life after 1 second.

Cooldown time: 180 seconds
Hemske's Triclaws

+25 Magical Power
+25% attack speed
+10% magic damage
Triple Slasher (unique passive - ORB EFFECT) - grants the hero 25% chance on each attack, to scratch the attacked target for 160 magic damage as well as 2 other enemies nearby within 300 radius.
Novart's Mantle

+15 Magical Power
Beacon of Unity (unique passive) - Boosts the life and mana regeneration of all allied heroes on the map by 15%. Cannot be stacked with another Novart's Mantle.
Dual Healer (unique active) - Target yourself or an allied hero, restoring 450 health for the primary target while another random allied hero on the map is healed for double the amount. Prioritizes the most injured hero as the secondary target.

Cooldown time: 15 seconds
Prince Yaser's Divine Gemstone

+20 armor
+6% mana regeneration
Natural Flow (unique passive) - Grants the hero +50% movement speed. Whenever you physically touch an ally, it gains the same amount of bonus speed for the next 6 seconds. Touching it again, refreshes the duration.
Forest Rupture (unique active) - Once activated, thorny vines cover all opponents within 1000 radius, dealing up to 320 magic damage to them while slowing their movement and attack speed by 75% for the next 4 seconds.

Cooldown time:30 seconds
Ralle's Scroll of Infinity

+17 Magical Power
+17 Inner Power
Time Healer (unique passive) - After 10 seconds passed, your hero regains 700 lost health.
Infinity Incantation (unique active) - When cast, a spiritual wave of energy reveals all invisible enemies within 1000 range, while granting allies constant maximum movement speed. Lasts 3.5 seconds.

Cooldown time: 40 seconds
The Panda's Amulet

+20 Inner Power
+20 Speed Burst
Enhanced Fighting Style (unique passive) - grants the hero 20% chance to deal double damage on an attack or to fully negate an instance of phsyical damage, either from attacks or abilities.
Way of the Panda (unique passive) - Every 3 seconds, a refreshing surge of energy restores 90 lost health.
Storm Knight's Thunder Cleaver

+500 health points
+25% attack speed
Tesla Striker (unique passive) - Each attack has 60% chance to be release an energy overload, dealing 100 damage to enemies within 325 radius around the target, and 50 damage to those within 650 radius.
Vinz's Shadow Orb

+20 All Stats
Dark Lightning (unique passive) - Electricity jolts hit all enemies within 300 radius, dealing 80 damage every 2 seconds, while applying a 35% movement slow to them.
Meld (unique passive) - Instantly turns the hero invisible when it is not moving, attacking or casting a spell. Dark Presence will still proc even if the hero is under the effects of Meld.
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