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My campgain script

Level 14
Jan 7, 2017

Kiljaeden-''Illidan in the past you have been both friend and foe to the Burning Legion but by consuming the skull of guldan your sealed our defeat in this world I come to offer you a second chance to serve us''

Illidan-''What would you have me do great one?''

Kiljaeden-''My creation the Lich King has betrayed me he dare to break the pack that binds him to my will but his spirit still lies trap inside the frozen throne of ice crown destroy it for me and I will grant you your hearts decire''

Illidan-''It shall be done great one it shall be done''

Chapter One:

Illidan-''Come my naga we must move out as fast as we can we need to reach the night elves shipment so that I can set sail towards the broken isle''

Naga Myrmidon-''Understood Lord Illidan''

Satyr-''Lord Illidan its an honor to finally meet you once again''

Illidan-''What are you satyrs doing here?''

Satyr-''We satyrs are here to corrup the rest of this fores but since this night elves came here to rebuild there villiges we started ransacing there villages and were not able to finnish it''

Illidan-''What seems to be the problem?''

Satyr-''As you can see Lord Illidan one of our party was attacked by Wildkins and we cannot simply destroy them by ourselves wtih them on the way we cannot reach our camps and continue our quest''

Illidan-''Dont worry satyrs we will find and kill those beast''

Saty-''Then we are yours to command Lord Illidan!''

Nandieb-''You dare show yourself here Illidan you shall pass no futher ''

Illidan-''Step aside Nandieb before anyone gets hurt''

Nandieb-''It shall be you who shall step aside Illidan you and your vile serpents shall taste the might of nature!''

Maive-''Stop right there Illidan this is the last time you escape you are going back to your cell!''

Illidan-''Maive you will not interfier with my plans stop them my naga!''

Maive-''You will not escape me that easily Illidan I will find you!''

Extras in Chapter One:

Sentry-''It's Illidan sisters stop him!''

Illidan-''The legions corruption still grips the land''

Archer-''Dont let Illidan pass sisters!''

Druid of the Talon-''You shall not pass further Illidan''

Satyr-''Foolish night elves you dare face the might of the burning legion''


Nandieb-''You shall pay for this Illidan!''

This is the script of the 1st chapter that I finished.