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Hive Feedback Team

  • StoPCampinGn00b


    Apr 2, 2013
    So we agreed that it'd be good to be more transparent on our own end as well, to share about this Discord group. It's a team of dedicated Warcraft 3 enthusiasts / experts that are communicating with Blizzard (or their representatives) for the most essential things needed.

    Kam and PurgeandFire visited Blizzard HQ in 2016 to start the communication. Some time between 1.27b and 1.28a, most of the Extended Feedback Team formed. What each person does usually entails more than what is said in the parentheses, but they are a general summary of the main things they do in the Discord group.

    Hive Feedback Team (HFT)

    Direct Contact, Under NDA

    @Kam (Directing, general feedback)
    Back2Warcraft's Neo (eSports, 1v1 balance, BNet ladder feedback)
    @PurgeandFire (Modding and technical feedback)
    @Ralle (Hive-Blizzard relations, general / modding feedback)
    @Archian (Hive-Blizzard relations)

    Extended Feedback Team

    @StoPCampinGn00b (Directing, custom games, general / community feedback)
    @MindWorX (Modding and technical feedback)
    @TriggerHappy (Modding and technical feedback)
    Back2Warcraft's Remo (eSports, 1v1 balance, BNet ladder feedback)
    Drayen (4v4 and BNet ladder feedback)
    Ugrilainen (1v1 and BNet ladder feedback)


    @brad_c6 (programmer)
    Matt Morris (Lead Designer)
    In addition to providing internal suggestions, everyone gathered valuable feedback from the community.

    For example, all of the melee guys gathered feedback from both the highest pros and the general community. We have organized threads on Hive detailing modding priorities and such. It's an intricate and busy process, and we couldn't have done it without the community providing constructive help. We really appreciate both Blizzard's and the communities cooperation, so thank you guys for that!