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WIP British Troop

WIP British Troop
Oliver, Oct 23, 2020
    • Oliver
      @Hazop with the "great game" and balkan wars Russian troops would be very useful, did russians at the time have dark green or dark blue uniforms?
      I think I might try to make uniforms in that style but with team colour.
    • Hazop
      @Oliver They were dark green, something like this;
      Officers would have longer pants/less waist garments blocking the top of their pants/bottom of uniform, similar to this;

      Also, will there be bayonet anims/melee?
    • Oliver
      @Hazop I can make a Russian like that but when did russians stop using white trousers? You planning on making a crimean war map? Id make the coat team coloured probably.

      Regarding the bayonet animations I did add them to my French model but I decided I didn't want to have all the alternate stand animations and instead to have a bayonet always attached. I haven't added the animations and bayonets to the victorian troopps but maybe I should add the rifle butt attack to them.

      Early on this started as a Franco prussian war project, I wanted line infantry and grenadiers to be Melee capable but for militia and light infantry to not have Melee anims. I've veered of off that for the moment in favour of making a bunch of more generic units.

      I've seen your maps and I like em, if you have a project set in mid - late 1800s and need models let me know :)
    • Hazop
      @Oliver The Russian uniform stayed more or less stayed that way till the end of the 19th century, when you would start seeing more WW1'esc uniforms.

      And, another thing about the infantry, a uniform variation of the russian troop, would be this;
      Mostly used for winter/colder climates (as seen by the long coat-like clothing).

      Yeah, I was thinking of making a Crimean war map that had the same sort of gameplay styles as Tiriath Civil War - Telgarde but instead being battalion focused (AKA having triggers where you control squads instead of one man). I was considering maybe using HerrDave's WW1 models, but they dont quite fit the aesthetic I was going for.

      If you could please help with some Russian/Turkish models, It would be greatly appreciated.
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