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Tuskarr starting units

Tuskarr starting units

Just a little preview of my custom race/minigame project :>
For those who might be curious:

This "race" is heavily focused on survival: units have negative life regen so they must consume food periodically to stay alive and not die of hunger. You can get food if you gather herbs, hunt animals or catch fish (with nets). Animals drop raw meat when killed, which barely restore any life, so you have to get the raw food item inside the fire pit (yes, that's actually a building) to cook it, making it change into the cooked version which heals most of the hp over time. The fire pit also has an expiration timer so you have to keep it up unless you want to waste more wood building a new one.

Each animal (hostile or critter) drops a different type of meat. There are also "sick" variants of most animals, which are not aggressive and are weaker, but they can be potentially dangerous because their disease cloud can make your villagers die faster if those animals wander near them. They may drop some (unsimeengly) poisonous meat that will take away hp instead of restoring it when you consume it, so you have to watch out when looting them. Ranged units are great to scare them off or kill them since they can easily avoid the disease range.
You can also create or buy items like nets, traps, totem wards, etc to help you hunt animals, gathering fish, or spotting enemy player units.

You can only build villagers (and one elder), but villagers can be upgraded to be melee units or ranged, for a price. All units are heroes and the elders, melee and ranged units gain some passive abilities as they level up (but they don't gain more stats). When you lose a unit, you lose it forever, even though they are heroes. All units can pick up and use items, and they wont lose the items when they're promoted to be another type of unit.

Big tents can get up to 6 villagers to take cover inside, in case the camp is under attack.

I feel like I went a bit overboard lol, but I wanted to give an explanation of how (more or less) the idea behind this map works c:

The map in the screenshot is pretty empty, its suppossed to have herbs, more animals like rabbits, stags, etc. I started working on it yesterday so it needs a lot more work.

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