Spider Mines

Spider Mines

My attempt at recreating spider mines.
Initial unit burrows to turn into the variant with goblin land mine, when it dies by itself it creates the variant with movement that target's the closest unit in range with kaboom!
@Devalut man, I'd need so many things to continue my Brood War campaign in Warcraft III. But the thing that drives me back the most is protoss shields...
@deepstrasz don't want to use mana? Since there's so few energy casters I would make mana bar the shield bar and give casters a hidden bar with that gui casting bar to indicate their energy!
@Devalut yeah, I thought about using some sort of floating text over or under the mana bar which is seen overhead but it'd be quite some pain to do for multiple units and unit types.
hat I'm saying, mana bar no longer represents mana but shields, energy would only apply to a hidden value that is represented by the energy bar, only casters would have it!
@Devalut ah, the other way around, making mana shields and mana/energy to be something hidden. Right, since both ideas (bar shields and mana shields) would require damage detection. However, it would distract the Warcraft III player too much from the known UI stuff. Something added would be better than something changed.

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