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Some stuff on wheels (WIP)

Some stuff on wheels (WIP)

Damn, that's nice. Only thing I can complain about is the texture of the wheels, but other than that, it's looking good. Good job!
@Galadgod Yes, I was thinking about replacing the texture of the wheels.
You can also see the updated infantry model.
I will not touch the old version of the design of this model, but I will replace the new models with it.
Looking badass, especially the soldier model itself.
Which skin is it using? Is it the Knight's? Because I'd love to see the a black armored version come to life :p
@ZethHolyblade all metal parts and boots use mixed texture maded from Herrdave's whitecloack and german infantry (i have permission)
Uniform use vanilla paladin and batrider textures
I want to make this model use only vanilla textures, but at this moment i was stopped by the fact that i don't know which vanilla texture fit modern firearms well.
Holy shit that's awesome!!
Maybe HerrDave could make machine gun emplacements like this..(or anti-tank guns)
@Hazop well, after some editing that mg is actually maxim/vickers, so i can replace this gunner by the soviet one.

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