Eretic1 WIP

Eretic1 WIP

@Maximal, thank you!)
And by the way, how does it look he on paper:
@Shakral Sorry for being too abstract. Well, lets get started: I like your "play with the light", the light source behind the figure gives him ominous feel, especially the head. I would reinforce contrast of the light in the gap of the helmet and its surroundings, so it becomes more of the "center of interest" of this piece. Dust by the legs and his "ready/crouching pose" suggests he is in a fight/ motion. I love these kind of paintings that almost move! + nice composition (would enlarge background, so head is roughly in the center of golden ratio). The feel I was talking about is crystallization of things above. The whole atmosphere almost forces me to turn on my cintiq to finish it! I have just couple of questions. Does he have a tail? Original concept art has none, so i suggest showing a bit more of it (on the left side by the leg, so its more clear for viewers). How is the cloth between his legs attached to the armor? Something doesn't seem right... Well, hope this was helpful! :wink:
@Draktar, thanks for your reply and some tips) I'll consider your questions and their solutions, too, but I don’t know when I’ll finish it(

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