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xYours Trulyx

CoA Zhan W

Flying stick because fuck you.

xYours Trulyx, Dec 6, 2019
    • xYours Trulyx
      Flying stick. Yeah... it's a flying stick that knocks you up.
    • Galadgod
      Reminds me a bit of Jarvan and Pyke
      Interestin skill, nice!
    • xYours Trulyx
      @Galadgod Thanks! I just noticed how similar this ability is to Pyke's E.
    • Devalut
      in the description it states (+80% Attack Damage) does this include items or is it just he base?
    • Rating:
      Mechanically pleasing!
    • xYours Trulyx
      @Devalut It's Total Attack Damage, counting bonus damage and base damage.
    • Devalut
      How did you count bonus damage?
    • xYours Trulyx
      I record the base damage for each different champions. When they land a basic attack, a trigger is fired to get the champion's total damage. With that, you can get the bonus damage by subtracting total damage with base damage. It's not efficient, but it does the job.

      Here's the trigger I made that retrieves the champion's total atk dmg:

      • Retrieve Attack Damage
        • Events
          • Game - DamageModifierEvent becomes Equal to 1.00
        • Conditions
          • And - All (Conditions) are true
            • Conditions
              • IsDamageSpell Equal to False
              • DamageEventAttackT Not equal to ATTACK_TYPE_HERO
              • Or - Any (Conditions) are true
                • Conditions
                  • IsDamageMelee Equal to True
                  • IsDamageRanged Equal to True
        • Actions
          • Set QuickMaths = DamageEventAmount
          • Set Store_AtkType = DamageEventAttackT
          • -------- ----------------------------------------------------- --------
          • Set DamageEventAttackT = ATTACK_TYPE_HERO
          • Set DamageEventArmorPierced = (Armor of DamageEventTarget)
          • -------- ----------------------------------------------------- --------
          • Set GetUnitAttackDamage[(Custom value of DamageEventSource)] = DamageEventAmount
          • -------- ----------------------------------------------------- --------
          • Set DamageEventAttackT = Store_AtkType
          • Set DamageEventArmorPierced = 0.00
          • -------- ----------------------------------------------------- --------
          • Set DamageEventAmount = QuickMaths

      In this case, ATTACK_TYPE_HERO is Physical Damage (Orange Text) , which I made it does full damage to all armor types in the game constants. Piercing all of the target's armor will retrieve the champion's total attack damage. Once you have stored it, change back the damage.
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    Gameplay Videos / Mod Trailers
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    xYours Trulyx
    Dec 6, 2019
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