Arakkoa male HD

My version of arakkoa reborn by Aviana guidance
Arakkoa based on Kirian? A very cool idea, and it would be very cool if there were such Arakkoa. One might think that such Arakkoa are a kind of superior of their race, reincarnated by the goddess Rukhmar chtoli :D. Very cool done!

For a month now, I've been dreaming in my head about the Lords of Destiny, like Kazzak, and I thought it might be possible to transplant them onto the skeleton and animations of the Gargoyles of Revendreth, so they would finally become normal, and more majestic than the Dreadguards, which are weaker in power and lower in rank than the Lords of Fates. I say this to the fact that maybe you will like this idea, and at the same time I am sure many would also be delighted. In addition, Blizzard humiliated the Lords of Fate, and I think some people are also unhappy with this.
I think Media is a very good place to show your work at the Alpha stage. I think over time people will look more and more in Media :)

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