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Warsong Units!

Level 7
Oct 20, 2010
Im making a campaign based of the many clans of the horde. Im planning to make triggers and modeling elaborate, so any help will be thanked.

Im in need of a large priority of Warsong units aswell.

■Following clans:

Twilight hammer
■Laughing Skull

If your wondering what they will be used for, the begining will allow you to pick any orc clan, (That I have added) and go along the campaign with it.

(NO this is not related to lore)

The clans listed above are not the only clans used. Other clans that will be used, and If you want to give models for are:

■Burning blade
■Bleeding Hollow
■Black Tooth Grin

Donate Forest troll models, and ogre models. It would help.