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Upgrade Problem!!!

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Level 2
Dec 3, 2006
I need help with an upgrade.

When research, it can use anytime until the end of that upgrade.

By example: Evolution chamber has an upgrade "called : evolve", if I upgrade this 1 time all is right.
But if, I build 2 Evolutions Chambers I can upgrade that same upgrade 2 times with the same cost by clicking on both.

How Do I remove that ?

Dr Super Good

Spell Reviewer
Level 64
Jan 18, 2005
You might be able to by making a validator/requirement that requires that no building be researching that specific upgrade. If that is not possible...

You will just have to make the separate upgrades like SC2 has (1 for each level). You can easilly see how they do it.

Limiting you to building only 1 chamber might also work.

You could also try triggering the upgrades seeing how catalogues have access to the exact same fields that upgrade data has.
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