Tauren Chieftain and Derivatives

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Icons made for Ujimasa's Tauren Chieftain and Derivatives pack

At this point I wasn't really sure which colour I should use for the Ebon Horde series... it's inconsistent knowing I've used yellow, blue and green for the Lich Doctor, Ebon Horde Tauren and Ebon Horde Chieftain, respectively

BTNEbonHordeChieftain (Icon)

BTNFelTaurenChieftain (Icon)

BTNSunTaurenChieftain (Icon)

BTNTaunkaChieftain (Icon)

BTNTaurenChieftainYoung (Icon)

The Panda
[~] Set to useful, recolor / small edits to existing Warcraft 3 icons and / or Blizzard material.