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Still No Solution...Camera Perspective

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Level 5
May 27, 2007
I used to hang around here a long time ago, I've made a couple mostly unfinished maps, but have only ever uploaded one, just to let my friends download it to play it as a beta test. I reformatted my computer awhile back and lost touch with Warcraft 3. Long story short, I've gotten back into map making/modding, and have picked up where I left off, my rather ambitious Battlefront.

Admittedly, I rather suck at triggers. I can get the basics, but when it comes to the more complicated stuff, I'm clueless. I've switched my concept to an FPS instead of a 3rd person over the shoulder camera, but neither of my camera ever worked. I can lock a camera to the player, but I can't get it into the proper angle. So far, all possible solutions fall short, either because it involves placing a camera and hoping I get it into the exact position in relation to the player's spawn point on the map, and/or doesn't work with heights. This means my levels end up being flat, or multiple tiers are glitchy.

After screwing around for awhile, I've still got no clue what to do. So I'm asking, once and for all, is there any way to get a first-person camera locked into the "head" of a character, which will automatically change height as their character does. This means, if they go up a slight hill, the camera will follow them up to the exact height. It also needs to work without me pre-determining the position of the camera and player. This sort of complex system is beyond my skill, is anyone up for the challenge?
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