Requesting a skin for a hosted project



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Jan 9, 2004
Hi, i am currently working on the vampire race for Godfall, 3 other races are complete.
You can check us out over here

I am in need of a skin, preferably the peasant cause i need the team color, the worker would be a vampire ghoul *Bram Stoker kind* but diseased with boils and the like, sort of like the war3 undead acolyte. The Ghoul would still be a living creature but it would be cool if you can take away its lips and show only brightly yellowed decayed teeth. I´d also want pupils, normal human pupils so it would still display that the ghoul ain´t brain dead. The clothing would be kind of like from a noble man but tattered and dirty. These ghouls would be feeding on insects, not humans and dig around the dirt for them, they´d also be performing various task the vampire would give them like building structures or mining so they´d look like there hard working,dirty, tattered full of boils and slight rot but still living with blue pupils or brown.

Also would be a good ideas to have them not wearing any shoes to display there loss of humanity and more beastial behavior *insanity*. The pick axe would be rather decayed and rusty but no need to temper with the gold bag nor the lumber they carry.
Hmm what else, color of the clothes maybe, uhm dirty white shirt and covered by a red coat and brown pants.
Hope its good enough description, oh as for hair, uhm brown dirty and unkempt with strands of hair which have turned white.

Now to wait and hope for someone awesome to respond. Ofcourse rep and credits would be giving.
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