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[Solved] Remove Ability Not Working

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Level 6
May 15, 2009
I am having trouble making this spell/trigger work. Since quite simply, the remove ability function does not seem to work.

I want the spell to increase stats for as long as the buff is on, I use Attribute Bonus with levels for setting the stat bonus(it changes with each level)

  • Blessing of Ra
    • Events
      • Unit - A unit Starts the effect of an ability
    • Conditions
      • Ability being cast Equal to Blessing of Ra
    • Actions
      • Unit - Add Blessing of Ra (Stat Bonus) to (Target unit of ability being cast)
      • Unit - Set level of Blessing of Ra (Stat Bonus) for (Target unit of ability being cast) to (Level of Blessing of Ra for (Triggering unit))
      • Trigger - run Blessing of Ra Remove checking conditions
Blessing of Ra Remove
  • Unit Group - Pick every unit in (Units in (Playable map area)) and do (Actions)
    • Loop - Actions
      • Unit Group - Add (Picked unit) to BOR_Group
      • If (All Conditions are True) then do (Then Actions) else do (Else Actions)
        • If - Conditions
          • ((Picked unit has buff Blessing of Ra) Equal to True
        • Then - Actions
          • Wait 9 seconds.
          • Unit - Remove Blessing of Ra (Stat Bonus) from (Picked unit)
          • Custom script call DestroyGroup(udg_BOR_Group)
        • Else - Actions
          • Custom scripy call DestroyGroup(udg_BOR_Group

But the stat bonus never goes away!
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Level 6
May 15, 2009
Thx alot for the tip, although when I tried a countdown timer instead, it still dident work. However, I found another solution

I simply made the the trigger to remove the stat bonus have a 10 countdown before starting. And it now works!
Thx for help anyway +rep for tip
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