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Remornia <Denathrius' Weapon>

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Remornia is the sentient blade of Sire Denathrius. It is similar in nature to Vorpalia, the blade of Prince Renathal. Remornia is seen in Revendreth accompanying its master. When Prince Renathal rushed to attack Denathrius in the Menagerie of the Master, Remornia wounded the prince.[1]

Later, it is fought in Castle Nathria as part of the Sire Denathrius encounter.

After Denathrius was defeated in the castle Remornia absorbed his essence. Prince Renathal placed bonds of warding on the blade in order to contain Denathrius and prevent the sword from escaping, but stronger arrangements were necessary. Remornia was brought to Z'rali at Dawnkeep, where the naaru used her Light to keep the Sire imprisoned. Prince Renathal also hoped that the torture would eventually reeducate Denathrius to be the kind of person he used to be.[2]

With the Jailer in possession of four of the five necessary sigils to open the Sepulcher, the nathrezim revealed their infiltration of Revendreth and rescued their master by having Kin'tessa grabbing Remornia away.[3][4]

Img Source: https://wowpedia.fandom.com/wiki/Remornia

Remornia <Denathrius' Weapon> (Icon)