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Submitted by Whitewolf8
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

Redemption - Book 1
Created by Whitewolf8

Campaign Info:

This follows a different timeline from the normal Warcraft lore, although, it takes place in the same universe as Tales of the Footmen.
You control three teams of people throughout the campaign, these three teams lead by Lance, the Frost Mage, Kael the Blood Mage, and Arthas the Fallen Paladin. in all there are around 12 playable heros, all with unique abilities and traits.


A multitude of different mission types, and a few side quests. (Including muffins!)
Max level is 25 (Although, you won't reach it in this campaign! I have at least 1 more campaign planned)
Some characters start with unique abilities.


Gameplay Screenshots


Change Log:

Change Log

Version 1

  • Map uploaded



Õrphàe Sting/ Õrphàe (runeblade2) ~ bigapple90
Exorcism ~ Blizzard
Frozen Embrace (IceLance) ~ L_Lawliet
Hellfire (ANAFireBallHit) ~ Anachron
Pentagram (burningPentagram) ~ anath3ma
Holy Strike/ Spiritual Attunement (ANAHolyEnergy) ~ Anachron
Solar Beam (Sunburst3) ~ Redeemer59
Holy Wrath (Light) ~ Palaslayer
Ice Dome (CRFrostShock) ~ CRAZYRUSSIAN
Great Defense (Parry) ~ Blizzard
Holy Shock (DH_Holy_Shields) ~ CRAZYRUSSIAN
Soul Drain (DarkTrinity_v2) ~ 4eNNightmare
Lay on Hands (HolyPower) ~ NFWar
Beacon of Light (SurgeofLight) Blizzard
BTNbow ~ inhuman89

Amaducias (The Gardener) ~ -Grendel
Athena (Edit of RC_X's Kanna) ~ RazorClaw_X
Chinese Temple (Both) ~ Mr. Bob
Corrupt Light ~ Whitewolf8
Crusader ~ ????
Dark Nova ~ JetFangInferno
Arthas (Death Knight) ~ Conny Bengtsson, Shin_Orojin
Arthas (Fallen Paladin) ~ Conny Bengtsson, Shin_Orojin, Whitewolf8
Death Knight ~ Whitewolf8
Devour Aura ~ Sundance
Devotion Aura (Fallen Paladin Arthas') ~ Whitewolf8
Footman (Used for Merry) ~ ????
Footman Garithos ~ armel
GeneralAuraTargetOw ~ Whitewolf8
General Fang (Both) ~ ????, Whitewolf8
General Hero Glow ~ assasin_lord
Ghost Aura ~ Mainy
Graveyard ~ MasterHaosis
Holy Awakening ~ JetFangInferno
Ikuransaburo 'Ian' ~ Blizzard, Whitewolf8, ????
Ice Bolt ~ Weep
Kael ~ Conny Bengtsson, Whitewolf8
Little Paladin ~ Vermillion Edict
Mageslayer ~ Dmitry Rommel
Mounted Footman/Captain ~ Mephestrial
Seth (mrzy2) ~ ????
NazgulRider ~ olofmoleman
Ranger ~ Whitewolf8
Ronin ~ Callahan
Royal Captain ~ Tranquil
Lance (Shion) ~ RazorClaw_X
Shiva's Enchantment ~ JetFangInferno
Stealth ~ Daelin
Town Centre/ Build/ Decay ~ Mr. Bob
Uther ~ Conny Bengtsson, Shin_Orojin
Vampire Combatant ~ Dionesiist
Xine Units ~ Whitewolf8
Zero (Nerubian Elder) ~ -Grendel
DeathSwordProjectile ~ sPy

Special Thanks:
  • sonofjay
  • Danny
  • And everyone of the Underground and Hive communities for being awesome!

Author's notes:
A lot of model styles conflict with each other and... Quite frankly I don't care, so don't point that out, and if you do?... Well then... well done for ignoring the description.

Wanderers of Sorceria campaign series (Really a fantastic series! I recommend it!)
Ys series
Tales of series
Star Ocean series
Zelda series
Fire Emblem series
Dynasty Warriors series
Walking Dead
Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth

Developement period~ Late 2011 - Mid 2013

Please do notify me of any bugs you encounter, if you I used a resource of yours in this and you're not credited, I'm very sorry! Please do tell me and I'll fix it soon as possible! And of course do enjoy yourself!

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates

Footman, Footmen, Footmans, Fred, Freddy, Frederick, Campaign, Orcs, Horde, Orc, Humans, Alliance, Blackrocks, Stormwind, Azeroth, Pikachu, Elf, Elves

Redemption (Campaign)

19:32, 28th Sep 2014 Orcnet: The campaign seems to be a little troublesome for some of the map levels and how the design of each difficulty is vague, however the build for this campaign is quite playable and somehow fit for an acceptable rate to play...
  1. ga_xjnk


    Sep 30, 2012
    i want to attack the chaos Victoria X(
  2. cleavinghammer


    Apr 6, 2010
    Chapter 2 needs work before it's really playable.

    * Units turn around and go back towards base at random. Miasmus in particular starts patrolling the area just outside the sidequest girl.
    * Death Guards sent to the Human encampment turn around and wait at the home base once the encampment is destroyed.
    * Your side doesn't get siege weapons, the orc towers aren't passable.
    * No legit way of buying items.
    * The orc hero seems to respawn every other attack wave, far too fast when it takes a great deal of firepower to take him down.

    * It's possible to kill the muffin guy before you get the quest ("kill" being a strong word, he goes down from the aura in seconds).
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2014
  3. Whitewolf8


    Aug 31, 2011
    Yep! That's one of the places where the WoS inspiration comes in!

    Ooh, critique. Thanks!
    Huh... Odd... That's definitely something that needs fixing.

    I'll need to think of how I can implement them properly then.

    Items aren't supposed to be buyable, they're there to look pretty... If you'd rather though I'll just remove them.

    I remember that being a problem... I'll get to that.

    The whole quest is basically an inside joke between a friend and I, it's supposed to be frustrating as hell. If you want to me tone the difficulty of it down a bit I will, though.

    Thanks again, though! I'll get to these... Whenever I update the thing next, won't be for a long time though, sadly.
  4. Yrk


    Apr 1, 2014
    Looks interesting , Gonna download :)
  5. JesusHipster


    Sep 19, 2011
    Flat landscape and a disgusting mix of anime and warcraft models. You can do better.
  6. cleavinghammer


    Apr 6, 2010
    Is it completable without killing him? The one time I started the quest before finding him Veigue's boys took him out. Then she got angry, but the quest was marked complete.

    General: Cutscenes not skippable.

    Level 2:
    * Way too many flyers for a level with one anti-air unit.
    * Again, too many towers, not enough units that can take them out.

    Level 3:
    * The Gardener is far too hard to spot, especially among all the extra units he summons. I only managed to kill him because he wandered into a village, ensuring he was the only thing to beat up.

    Level 4:
    * Knights and Guard towers (tooltip calls them High Elven, unit is called Xine Tower) cost lumber.

    Level 5:
    * Dire Bunny killable before the quest.
    * Solar Beam's spell still says "Bear".
    * WOW trees block vision in several areas.

    Secret Level:
    * Isa gets summons and a heal... how exactly are you supposed to beat that when you're facing dragons first thing?
    * Bug: The Continue/Quit prompt disappeared after winning, leaving me in the game screen.

    Level 6:
    * Autocast not disabled on the lifedrain spell (which costs mana, but doesn't drain life).
    * No quest given for the first part.
    * Undead waves don't spawn at the same time as the humans.
    * Minimap remains disabled in the second part.
    * Caravan stops moving when it reaches the southwest corner, I had to cheat to end the level.
    * The entirety of the flashbacks would work far better as the first level of the campaign (along with one explaining why Uther is still up and about).

    Level 7:
    * The Xine AI repeatedly starts construction then tells the builder to go do something else, later sending peasants to finish the job.
    * Miasmus' poison cloud kills both heroes in seconds.
    * Miasmus and Abominations come in far too quickly after the death knights (who will already have killed Xine's hero at that point).
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2014
  7. ouyangwudi


    May 19, 2013
    Is this map still in progress? From cleavinghammer's last post it seems like the game needs some serious fix to make a enjoyable play
  8. Skattberg


    Jun 29, 2012
    Ok, I just had to give you my review of this. Note that this is only what i think:

    1st. I do understand now that it takes place in an alternative wc-universe. but if you dont read the (short) description here, the start is very confusing: the cutscenes are very awkward and bad written. They are supposed to fill you in with information to what is going on. Why did kael decide to go with tyrande? Who is that ranger? Why is Arthas here if it is supposed to be after the events of the Frozen Throne?

    2nd: the first map is just... bad. for example: "an auto-cast healing wave, go figure" its so unnecessary and it makes you feel like you didnt take this serious. AND, do you know how annoying it is the hear a spaming healing wave? The workers have the portrait of human workers, and its just so small. you could atleast have made it bigger and have some exploration on it.

    The second map was a bit better. A bit. The hero is SO BORING! so weak at the levels 1-3. and if he is a frost mage. why does he cast a shadow projectile? why is his model an acolyte? WHY DOES HE HAVE GLASSES? its small errors that hinders the feeling of the campaign. His ice spell was really cool though. too bad its hotkey is "i" which is an awkward position on the keyboard.
    Also: why the annoying, low quality music?
    At the end i noticed.. Did you steal the map from the blood elf campaign from frozen throne?

    At the third map i just couldnt take it. The environment was too bad and the models just made me cringe. BUT, they all had fun spells, and i enjoyed that atleast.

    Take this how you want it. it just made me feel alot playing this and i wanted to share it.
  9. DarkBro


    Oct 16, 2012
    Will check out :)
  10. rotjeking7


    Aug 4, 2013
    Dat tales of the abyss though.


    Sep 19, 2014
    I enjoyed every single map that I played cuz it was awsome, especially when u open the campaign, u jus get the Tales of the Abyss theme tune. Thank you! Also, u could do a campaign with anime chars like do a SAO campaign or something. ^^
  12. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Well, this was awkward.

    -the map looks like they are somewhere out of any world. Where did they meet anyway?

    -mission description: nobody sent Tyrande anywhere. She sent herself to be precise
    -Kael's Fire Blast needs a better description with levels and all
    -what's the difference between Searing Arrows (Tyrande) and Athena's Solar Arrows apart from damage and mana values?
    -the priest's Healing Wave does not have a proper description (number of HP healed)
    -I've destroyed the crates, nothing appeared. How do you put the Workers on them? They don't have an ability to gather resources... I used greedisgood
    -so, the undead just spawn out of the water?
    -what's with those creepy fellows in the west?
    -the end cinematic has a glitch in that the cinematic mode ends after the victory message is given

    -this type of mission needs a lot of optional and/or main quests
    -well, the red Peasant was already at 3/4 of his life and with one hit and that Degeneration Aura... Actually I'm not sure if it was Lance or the allied troops that killed him...
    -there should be some gold inside those barrels and crates to make use for buying items and/or upgrades for units
    -Miasmus remained stopped somewhere middle way to the green orc base but for a short period of time [minute(s)]. Won't say the same for a Ghoul though. Miasmus also has a thing for returning from the middle of the map to lil' bit far north and so on
    -one particular Necromancer was still visiting the human base after it was destroyed. After, a Banshee was curious too. Worse is that two Banshees and one Necromancer routinely visited the elf base after its destruction
    -the Revenant stops spawning to attack after the human base is eliminated but does only to defend. At long last, after so many minutes, did it move to attack

    -the heroes don't start with full mana
    -why is Falric so small compared to the other two?
    -Uther has some spells with QWERTY hotkeys but the other don't...
    -the Crusader's (Addams) spells are not very different than Falric's. Two Command Auras are useless as they don't stack
    -Priests have blonde hair icons but they actually have a brownish colour
    -what's the point of Lumber if upgrades rarely need it?
    -there were still a lot of Gargoyles in the green base but some buildings' destruction triggered the end cinematic
    -the undead was not all eliminated. There was still an orange base that didn't even move a muscle unless to defend itself

    -why isn't Fang a hero? She has a glow...
    -when pressing ESC to choose whom to defend, there are names that don't match the heroes' names. Well at least there's the Locations button. They are not well placed though. Trying to defend a base sending troops through the button commands, especially the northern base, is almost impossible
    -armies can't be retreated choosing another location...
    -wasn't the Gardener killed in level 2 (Lance's)? He is pretty much invincible with undead troops constantly coming unless he is accidentally surrounded
    -enemy units give no bounty
    -player owned units are yellow as the allies
    -why/how did Miasmus suddenly appear on/near the Gardener after the latter was defeated?

    -in the description it says: upgrade to High Elven Tower but its name while upgrading and after completion is Xine Tower
    -this isn't a level. It's a waste. The undead rarely attack and only through the southwest. The gray base's troops do not even move
    -there are three heroes in the left upper corner of the map...
    -Fang barely knows Lance but Rhonin doesn't also?

    -the Priest does not heal Athena
    -the Ursa do not continue to attack the base after some Ziggurats are destroyed and return to the cage space
    -what's with the Rangers in the woods? I thought Athena was supposed to scout. Don't tell me they all couldn't return because the enemy blocked their way back
    -Dennis seems to have seen through Athena's stealth
    -the Main Quest update is stupid in that undead killed anywhere on the map will add to the count. What about those I've killed until then? Either include them too or just make it so that only the undead north of Dennis count
    -Multishot does not have 700 range as Athena
    -it ended at 20 not 21 kills

    -make him (Arthas) shut up (stop sending transmissions; at least leave it as just text) so I can see the Hit Points
    -there's no quest in the Quest Log
    -Sir Leon came in alone and only after 10 or so seconds did the army appear
    -attacks are mostly alike and illogical (what kind of siege is this with sending platoons with reprises?)
    -the door can be repaired with no problems (no resources needed; the Acolyte can barely be killed) and the Meat Wagons are invulnerable
    -it takes way too long to finish
    -Arthas' Frenzy Aura regenerates the Gate and/or the Gate regenerates on its own...
    -Addams wasn't even in Sir Matthew sight and the latter started talking about him being there. It would have been more interesting if the new found allies would become allied and not player owned units
    -holy flat terrain!
    -a visible minimap wouldn't be a bad idea
    -suddenly the undead Arthas is weaker and has a new spell!
    -so there was another undead army, greater than the Scourge? Maxwell knew about it seeing into the future? Who if not Arthas would control it as the Lich King?
    -all heroes are Strength based
    -undead heroes standing in the middle of the road like ambulant vendors
    -the caravan is never in danger

    -for an Agility hero, Fang sure attacks "fast"... and she's yellow like the allies
    -shortly after the game starts, Miasmus attacks with a horror force and Raiden doesn't even blink unless the enemy is brought near him
    -you can't win this level normally. The enemy attacks too fast and with super heroes compared to what the player and his allies have. Only if the nerubian hero is found in time, can the player defend himself. But how can the player know that from the start or without randomly exploring or even better using the map visibility changing code
    -there's such a limited number of units to train, not just in this level...
    -Miasmus has an overpowered splash damage that has a range greater than his model's arms can reach

    I have played Wanderers of Sorceria and that is a masterpiece compared to... this.

    There are a lot of bad things in your campaign like: some levels being surprisingly easy and others "hard" because of the player not having a real idea how to act from the start.

    This is a result of laziness and refusing to think further.
  13. discord666


    Apr 16, 2016
    Horrible bugs(notabily finishes the mission twice, so if you don't click continue/quit campaign fast enough you get a black screen), gameplay, story(even for a joke campaign, all that anime, how old are you?), difficult either too hard or too easy.
    the defence mission with the snowflake race require you don't use your anime waifu as she not just dies easy, she can be possesed. the mission was long and boring, oother units would not act accordly when commanded and required cheat codes to beat. the other one undead do not attack. to mention a few, i will stop now else i will just repeat what the gentleman above said.


    Seen this and those comments ";_; i wub anime!!1! :3 <3" makes me realise how this website is filled with little kids/manchilds.
    You can edit comments you know.
    Last edited: May 11, 2016
  14. Mr.Tic


    Apr 19, 2016
    To the author:
    To not repeat what others said, I'll just point you to the post above, where deepstrasz explains the flaws in detail. The campaign needs a lot of work, AI, units, abilities, terrain...
    Like in mission 2 allied undead would roam the map oblivious to the conflict while I struggle to somehow push the waves, outnumbered 3 to 1.. Or the moment when Fang gets possesed made me delete the campaign the next minute :/


    Oct 2, 2016
    Hey whitewolf8
    can you tell me the songs
    you used in the campaing redemtion
    please the song , and the history are very exiting
    can asnwer me please
    me little brother and me play the campaing
    and only the song are the only thing we need
    can give the names and the group (if the songs are from videogames)
    for my collecion of music please

    i will thanfully for you answer