Ogre MEGA Pack

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Originally just recolored the Ogre icon into both ogre Magi and ogre Lord, at johnwar's request I also did some icons to fit with his Ogre packs.

Only BTNOgreMagi and BTNOgreLord are for the vanilla Ogre Magi and Ogre Lord, the others are for johnwar's Ogres

And yes, I can't believe I haven't said this in each of my previous icons, but please give me credits if any of you ever use my lame icons

23/9/2021 - AddedOgre Battle Magi and Ogre Hunter variants

BTNHeroOgreLord2 (Icon)

BTNHeroStonemaulWarchief (Icon)

BTNOgreBattleMagi (Icon)

BTNOgreHunter (Icon)

BTNOgreLord (Icon)

BTNOgreLord2 (Icon)

BTNOgreMagi (Icon)

BTNOgreMauler (Icon)

BTNStonemaulBattleMagi (Icon)

BTNStonemaulMagi (Icon)

BTNStonemaulOgre (Icon)

BTNStonemaulWarchief (Icon)

BTNStonemaulWarrior (Icon)