New to Hive

Level 1
Nov 13, 2008
Ehh, sup. Im Cameron, bought Warcraft last Sunday and stumbled across this website while i was at computer school. Didnt know much about the WE and mods. This site helps me alot when i make new things like triggers and such. Thanks everyone for posting good tutorials and such. I also like the models database, i havnt gotten the chance to use one, but there still fun to look at. Thanks Hive for being a kickass/informational website. haha. :xxd:

Level 10
Jun 26, 2005
Hello Cameron, I'm sorry that I couldn't reply earlier.

Welcome to The Hive Workshop (THW), and thank you for joining! THW includes Warcraft III modders of all skill levels. New members, especially the friendly ones, are always welcome.

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  • The Rules Page | The FAQ may prevent future troubles.
  • Warcraft III Tutorials | If you're new to modding, tutorials can boost your start!
  • THW's Chatroom | Chat with fellow modders that share familiar interests!
  • Search The Hive | This is an extremely important tool. Before asking a question, use Search to make sure the question hasn't been asked before.
  • The Hive Workshop Staff | You may want to familiarise yourself with the staff. This may assist you in identifying the correct individuals to contact when you have a problem.