Mounting spell for goblin alchemist

Level 8
Oct 12, 2005
Can someone make a spell for me? The spell should be attached to an item, the item's model should not be the treasure chest but the demon that was an interpretation of the mount of goblin alchemist before he mounted him...I want the spell to (whenever my specified unit picks it up) Morph him into the goblin alchemist and whenever he drops the item, morph him back and i want it to be automatically used when he picks it up that way it looks like he's mounting the ogre/demon thing. PM me if you will do this!
Level 3
Sep 15, 2005
Well the changing thing is all a matter of Triggers but for the item go into the item editor and change the model of your selected item to a blue ogre. Also download the Goblin Alchemist and make him a unit to use in your triggering.
Level 14
Mar 31, 2004
frankie11 said:
Well then, if it's so simple to you then please do it for me. I have NO clue how to trigger at all... It'd end up that my guy like walks over and kills the item, like it did last time....

If YOU plan to do ANYTHING, then I suggest you learn how to do these things. Don't even begin to make a map if you need someone to do all the jobs for you. Learn or don't bother.
Level 9
Nov 6, 2004
I second Whitehorn. First you request a model, that's fine... Then you request another model, now you're starting to get annoying, now you request a spell... And you tell us you can't trigger at all. Give a man a fish, he'll be satisfied for the day, teach a man how to fish, and he'll be satisfied forever.