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Model request

Level 2
Sep 1, 2004
Hello,i am a long time mapper and now the time for me has come..i am doing a massive map project 'the art of magic',and i will be needing some models and skins to go along with it,so far i found some nice spells that i may think of adding but i'm in a desperate search for suitable models,the models i need r as follows:

Magreeb:a large mantis like creature with giant claws,prefferably green with some red and yellow on the head which is shaped just like a nerubs.
a suggested starting model to wrk into a magreeb is the nerubians,they have quite a few of the required features already.

Sahaugin:a giant lizardman creature weilding a large metal halberd (prefferably,if u can't manage a scimitar is good aswell)it should be slow yet gargauntaun looking,it's green if u haven't guessed.
Prefferable starting skin is tauren,just wrk the head into a lizards and get rid of those hoofs and change the tail into a lizard's.