Minion sacrifice "throttle" move

I want a minion sacrifice move.
There are 4 types of minions. Brown, Red, Green, and Blue. I want a move that sacrifices one of these minions to obtain a special ability for each of the 4 types. First, one minion is randomly created from 4 then the minion explodes and damages all enemies within a range.
Brown: basic melee damage on sacrifice nothing special.
Red: deals a lot of fire damage to both the enemy and the the caster
green:poisons the targeted enemy and deals 5 damage per second for 10 seconds.
blue:heals the caster for 200 life.
If there is anything you do not understand please tell me and I will explain.
Level 9
May 9, 2009
Here's how to make it work.

Create 4 abilities.

Make another custom ability for sacrafice.

Create a trigger that when a minion is sacraficed, increase the level of the ability by one using the trigger

Action - Set Ability Level of Ability to (Level of Ability + 1) that way your hero gains the ability when gotten

You can also use upgrades as in Pudge Wars.

Your use sacrafice on a minion and it increases the tech level of an upgrade.

Your abilities must have a tech requirement for this to work.