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Me lo dy: O hai there!

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Level 3
Mar 1, 2009
Yes, as the title says... O hai there! XD Weeeelll...I happen to be American and very interested in the afterlife, myths, demons, angels, dragons, whatever that's not of this world. Especially dragons. Oh yeah, and even though I'm, like, 15, I still play Kirby, which is, what? A 6-year-old game? I am weird and proud OF it. My favorite race in Warcraft III? Includes, but is not limited to: Dragons (You know, the dragon roosts...), Orcs, Satyrs, Night Elves, Every Race In General....You knoes? If you want to know my WC3 account name, it IS, well...Uh, get ready for a load of numbers...D.Gray-man54236. I know, I have to hack down on the numbers, but, yeah!!! :infl_thumbs_up: So, hai. And also, there was something I wanted to tell you, but it slipped out of the trapdoor of my mind.

Note: I won't post up models/skins because I can't. I don't have the program for it and I am not planning to because I hear it's expensive and such. :hohum:
Not open for further replies.