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Mazing Contest XL

Submitted by Elvenking_slider
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Mazing Contest XL
Created by Elvenking

Map Info:
This map is basically mazing contest 2 with larger build areas.
There is no difference in game modes, except some rng numbers.
Most of the terrain was redesigned, just to not have a boring looking map with bigger size.
For detailed information about game modes/mechanics read the description of my Mazing Contest 2 project page.
Mazing Contest v2.9
I just want to point out the differences here so it isn't a duplicate post.

-Same game modes as mazing contest 2
-Increased gold/lumber and rnd tower rate in all modes
-Increased build times to 1:00 -> 2:00
-Build area increased to 11x13 (143 tiles) from 8x9 (72 tiles)

Game mode changes:
  • Normal: 19-53 gold and 0-4 lumber now
  • Speedtower: 2-4 speedtower are spawned instead of 1-3
  • Expect: reach a time between 12-45s instead of 5-32s
  • Speedrun: 4-6 thunderclap tower instead of 2-6
  • Penalty: removed (only available as option in custom mode)
  • Traps: New game mode instead of penalty.
New Game mode:

Healtower: Reach the longest time and do not let your runner die or he will be teleported to the exit.
Under 50% HP your runner will be slowed by 45% because of heavy blood loss!
(This mode will be added to the main version in the next big release with the wc3 1.29 patch)
Lumber in this mode is randomly 1 to 3 and the heal towers have the exact same range as thunderclap
or speedbuff towers. The healing ability has a cooldown of 5 seconds and a delay of 1 second until it heals.

Traps: Small traps spawn in your maze that teleport the runnder back to the start upon activation.
Traps can only be used one time, so build your maze carefully to make maximum use out of them.
Important to notice is that you have to force the runner to directly step on it or it wont trigger the trap.
Sometimes pathing can choose to dodge the trap so make it non-dodgeable to be sure!

Game option changes:
  • Time: Building time increased to 1:00 to 2:00 instead of 0:30 to 1:30
  • Tower bombs: 0-3 tower bombs instead of 0-2 and much higher chance to get some.

New Game option:
As part of mazing contest ultra v1.1 I introduced a new game option for both map sizes.
Checkpoints: You can place a checkpoint (item) anywhere in your maze and the runner will go there first.
To do this you simply drop the item on the ground where you prefer.
If you place it somewhere inaccessible the runner will try to reach it as far as possible before going towards the end.
This mechanics alters the maze building significantly and you build structures similar to Gem TD for example.

If you set this option to "random", the flag will be randomly placed each level (in sync for all players).

Should you manage to get your runner stuck the game will send it to the exit after 90 sec.
Also players can use the -unstuck command to send their runner towards the goal.

New Mazing points:

I added a point system to version XL 1.8 which makes the map less frustrating.
Sometimes it can happen that you fail a round or forget to place your checkpoint which is impossible to catch up then.
Mazing points are a different way to win the game, you get +3 for being first and +1 for being second on time each round.
At the end of the game 2 winners will be shown (highest time and highest score).


Terrain Screenshots

Overview of whole map:

Change Log:

Change Log

Version: 1.0

  • larger build areas
  • redesigned most of the terrain

Version: 1.1

  • fixed camera positions

Version: 1.2

  • increased number of gold to 18-50 in normal mode
  • minor terrain changes (added some features)
  • improved red tower variation in speedrun mode
  • some additions to credits

Version: 1.3

  • increased number of gold to 19-53 in normal mode (should be final value now)
  • added a small visual indicator to tower bombs, so you can see each others ideas
  • removed death animation of tower bombs so it doesn't block fast building (added a different explotion instead)
  • changed hotkey for ready button to R (was on B for eng clients and therefore not useable)

Version: 1.4

  • neutral units are back
  • first "real" bugfix in any game mechanics. Maybe some explanation first: There are basically 2 major bugs in mazing contest since it release (e.g v1.2 has this bugs too). Here are 2 scenarios bug 1: https://i.imgur.com/8ANQO2y.jpg bug 2: https://i.imgur.com/rakBIjx.jpg. I was finally able to fix the bug 1, so you won't have to build a tower on that X to make the clap trigger. Regarding bug 2 i did not come up with any solution yet. Still these are no new bugs and classic mazing contest has them too!

Version: 1.5

  • fixed bug 2 with an algorithm to always stun in exactly 45 degree (top right corner) of a thunderclap tower.
  • fixed bug that tower bomb indicators didn't despawn after the last round and persisted forever if you restart the game.

Version: 1.6

  • fixed all bugs concerning thunderclaps not working. Each angle should now have the exact same behaviour.
  • Removed unnecessary code from former fixes to increase performance
  • added -cam option so you can adjust the camera distance in the game
  • finally updated all the total times
  • fixed bug in total times, they were not working correctly for 15 and 20 rounds
  • added new game mode "healtower" (read description above or ingame)
  • (Note: When 1.29 is live mazing contest 2 becomes 24 players and gets all this fixes here too.)

Version: 1.6b

  • again bugfix on thunderclaps. Increased range of the ability to 300 but trigger will only react at 250 range. This prevents thunderclaps that are castet but don't hit the runner.
  • reduced leak in healtower mode
  • reduced lumber in healtower mode to 3

Version: 1.7

  • fixed -cam option, it saves distance in the following rounds until game restarts
  • added 2 new abilities to the builder unit for zoom in and zoom out
  • all players are now allied, these should hopefully fix the issue that not everyone can read the standard ally chat (people usually don't press shit+enter to chat in all)

Version: Ultra 1.0

  • Mazing Contest 2.9 + Mazing Contest XL 1.7 (no further changes on the base maps)
  • integrated XL version into the classic size mazing contest map
  • created new terrain for 24 players in XL
  • added new dialog on start to choose game size
  • seperated XL and classic logic so the game can be restarted in any size again
  • further updates will now only happen in this combined version

Version: Ultra 1.1

  • Added new game option "Checkpoints"
  • Added inventory slot for checkpoint item (flag)
  • Added mechanic to reset your currently set flag via an item
  • Many bug fixes to prevent the game from getting stuck with checkpoints (there might still be bugs and I try to fix them as soon as i see one)
  • Added short overview of tower bombs to the game intro
  • Added short overview of the checkpoints option to the game intro
  • Applied all this changes to normal and XL size of the map
  • (uptaded) uploaded this version again with a small fix to custom game mode settings

Version: Ultra 1.2

  • Fixed some issues that cauzed the map to lag very hard
  • Added upgrade option from blocking tower to thunderclap tower if you enable selling
  • Added new game option "random Checkpoints", this will spawn the flags randomly and you can't pick it up (of course in sync for every player)
  • Added a few unstuck systems because of the bug that wc3 pathing sometimes bugs out if the flag is blocked.
  • Auto unstucker will send the runner to the goal after not reaching the flag for 90sec, this also gives a 60s penalty to the stucked player (fairness)
  • -unstuck command will send your runner to the goal and gives you a 30s penalty if it didn't reach the flag for atleast 1 minute
  • removed map leak from intro
  • (the version of this map uploaded to ENT has a better optimization with W3x2Lni v2.4.4) I somehow can't upload these optimizations to hive

Version: 1.8

  • I decided to update the 12 player version again due to the fact that my 24 map seems to crash people in the next map they play
  • Implemented all changes from ultra versions. Checkpoints (random and normal), tower upgrades, unstuck systems, leak reduction, intro changes,...
  • Added a score system to the map (mazing points). This makes the gameplay less frustrating if you completely fail one round. The first player to finish a round gets +3 point, the second one +1 point. At the end of the game 2 winners are shown (highest time and highest points).

Version: Ultra 1.3

  • (Small update compared to recent stuff but still some improvements)
  • Added point system to this version too
  • Added blinkmode (new) as ability to the builder. If you enable it your builder will teleport around instead of moving. This makes it easier to set some last second towers.
    There are some exceptions to the blinkmode, the builder will not blink if you use tower bombs or drop/pick the flag in checkpoint mode. If i enable blink for there too it bugs out and will never carry on the order it had.
  • Added some system for random flag mode to significantly decrease the probability of having a flag on entrance or exit of the maze. It is still possible but like 1 out of 1000 instead of 1 out of 100 rounds.

Version: Ultra 1.3b

  • (small hotfix, map name had no character free to change 1.3b, but loadscreen is different^^)
  • fixed bug with tower upgrades which let stun not work if you press upgrade on last second (upgrade to thunderclap is now instant)
  • changed default camera zoom in normal map size to 2200 so it is the same as in the original map from Pender
  • fixed bug with hotkey for upgrade sometimes not working (hopefully it always works for you guys now)
  • fixed bug with mazing score to not work at all in every mode that had shortest time to win mechanic

Version: Ultra 1.4

  • Removed penalty from mode selection (you can still choose it during custom mode selection but I wanted to keep the base modes kinda interesting and fun)
  • Added new game mode "traps" instead of penalty. Description above, basically small traps spawn in the maze that teleport your runner back to start.
  • Added custom mode selection for traps and option to choose 1-3 instead of just 1 trap.
  • Fixed a bug that traps (and even checkpoints) could spawn and block the entrance/exit of the maze with their dummy tower.
  • Added 1-2 minute to the auto unstuck if traps and checkpoints used togheter
  • Blinkmode no longer disables on restart
  • Music at the end of game stops now after selecting a new mode.
  • Extended random mode to cover 7 different modes now (penalty is still in there)
  • UPDATE: Uploaded map again with small hotfix to trap + random checkpoint mode togheter. Also fixed flag and trap placement in normal size ( it used XL values for positioning ).


Thanks to everyone who played my maps, you motivated me to implement more features and making this XL version.

Thanks to Peppolino my reliable friend who always plays mazing contest with me and tested like every version.

Thanks to Sexytime. and his clan IBCE for playing my maps very often and helping me with bugs and suggestions.

Thanks to CRAZYRUSSIAN, I used your zoom in and zoom out buttons icon in my map (Btncrzoomin, Btncrzoomout).
Thanks to Blood Raven for the muffin model I used in the environment.

Special Thanks:

Creator of mazing contest PENDER for the best map ever made!

Mazing Contest XL v1.8 (Map)

Mazing Contest Ultra 1.4 (Map)

Approved based on the other version's review: Mazing Contest v2.8-1
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009