Looking for a Certain Map

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Nov 5, 2006

I'm looking for a certain map that I have downloaded years ago, but unfortunately I've lost it and forgotten its name. I've tried searching for it, but have found no result. I'll try to give the best descriptions from my memory:
- It is basically a DoBRP style map, except that it is set in modern setting with apocalypse theme. Size-wise, it is not a very big map, probably medium or large.
- The units that you can spawn mostly consist of:
--- normal civilians (forgot whether they have been reskinned from the normal villager models or not)
--- normal terran marine model
--- custom soldier model
--- zombie, ghoul, and Mannoroth (all of them reskinned to make them look more bloody and hellish, the Mannoroth one in particular, have a very wicked-looking version of its usual double bladed sword)
- Most of its terrain is stylized like the blight.
- It has many destroyed buildings doodad in its northern part and a forest of Northern dead tree in its southern part.

I'm sorry if I didn't give a good enough description because that's all I can remember from that map. If any of you know of this map, please help me.
Level 12
Feb 7, 2008
1. Wrong section, this is for site-related stuff, though i'm expecting some mod to move it sooner or later.
2. Assuming you mean the RP map with DoBRP, then I might know the map.
(will give a link once i find it again)

EDIT: http://www.epicwar.com/maps/41132/
Assuming you mean that map - The Path of Ashes.

- RP-style, post apocalyptic map with soldiers, space-age stuff (like walkers and such) and "infected" units.
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