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Legend of Zelda Project

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Sep 11, 2006
Hey there!:grin: I know Im not the only one who's tried to make one of these before, but this one's allready in the works. It just needs a little help to get it going. This is no single map campaign; its a free roam game that spans three main areas. Each area is connected to smaller maps and dungeons, like Blizzard's Frozen Throne Orc campaign. You'll be able to go back and forth to visit maps you've allready been to. So this isn't going to be some half assed attempt at making a Zelda game. I fully intend to go into detail- as much as is possible- on everything. Im talking sounds, models, EVERYTHING. And its allready begun. The first map is complete and as far as I can tell completely glitch free; it looks and sounds like Zelda. Seriously, I allmost feel like Im ten years old again, play'n Ocarina of Time (well allmost anyways, but its close enough).

The gameplay system is for the most part complete, but I can't really finish it until I get into the wrest of the campain. Here's my problem. While I thought I understood how to get the maps to connect, I seem to be having some trouble with the very first map! It doesn't seem to want to start up in the campaign; there's a button and everything. You click the button, it looks like its gonna start and then it just goes back to the campaign screen:nw:. So that's the main problem right there, but as you can tell this is no pick nick map.

With 3 overmaps, nine dungeons (at least), and multiple smaller offshoot maps this is going to one hell of a project. Obviously Im going to need one or two other people to help it reach completion. All Im looking for right now is someone who can help me with the campaign and interlinking the maps. Anyone that can model some decent Zelda stuff would be nice too ( the stuff I have is kinda lame). However, the models are not what's really important. Its getting the campaign working that really matters. The bulk work is going to me so don't wory about mapping, triggers, or whatnot. So, anyone experienced in campaign editing would be very much appreciated, because even with all that bulk work, the map is nothing without that free roam campaign. Also it would be nice to get some suggestions from any of the team members. Yeah, Im talk'n to all you Zelda fan boys. This map needs to BE ZELDA, so whatever you can offer to make it feel more so is very important.

So why I am making a Zelda campaign? Well, Im kind of a fan boy myself and right now Im goin through some withdrawal. Ocarina of time was a great game (the best Zelda title ever mad I think), but you can only play it through once or so. And as I lack the new WII or a gamecube, its quite immposible for me to continue playing Zelda. So, yes, this campaign is going up so I can get my fix. I know... its pathetic, but hey Im not the only one. That's why Im going public with this project. I want every other Zelda junkie out there to get there's too. I know Im not only one out there. So if you're tired of waiting for the next title you might consider looking out for this mod some time in the near future.

Oh, and expect lots of credits if you can help me out with this one. I understand how to set up the free roam aspect of the campaign (ie game caches, saving/loading etc.) and I do have a reference if anyone wants to help with that. We mostly just need to fix the first map in the campaign so we can get started on piecing the maps together. Anyways, if you're interested in this project feel free to ask me any questions about my work so far and we'll see if I cant get the first map up for show too.

Thank You
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