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JakeCake & OtS

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Level 9
Dec 17, 2007
Hello, im a new member of this site, i was looking around after a good site to download some maps, but when i got to this site i saw that it was far better than any other wc3 related site. So now i been surfing around on everything, and i must say that there are some pretty cool projects going on here. The "War3.Wow project" is realy looking good, can't wait, GO THE Wow team, you pawns!! :grin: .

Okay, so i saw all you other guys posting your maps, getting reputation and stuff, so now I have been working on a small map named "Out of the Shadows" aka "OtS", its kind of a dota, just smaller and with more action, and ofc with some advanced triggers. I might sound like an noob, but im not, hope you will enjoy it.

V: Currently at 1.27a, puplishing in a week or so, at version 1.27b or 1.27c, but there are always some huge unknown bug/s so it take a little longer.:sad:
Level 32
Oct 23, 2006
Welcome to The Hive Workshop!

Greetings JakeCake. Thanks for joining our community. Map Development is great place to help you get feedback on Out of the Shadows. The Hive includes many talented Warcraft III modders of all skill levels among its users. New members (especially friendly ones) are always welcome. Take a look around and enjoy your stay, may it be long and productive!

Some good places to start include:Searching the site using the above link always helps, you can learn a lot that way: just reading and learning is usually the best place to start, especially if one feels overwhelmed.

Likewise, the tutorials can really teach ALL of us a thing or two.

The chat room is cool: lots of people can answer questions there.
  • A few other tips that might help too:
    • Always search first! Did I already mention THAT? :grin:
    • When creating a new thread, make the title VERY specific: so the site's search engine (and we users) can easily understand just what the thread contains.
    • Post your new threads in the proper forum: read the descriptions of each one so that you know what to post there.
    • If all else fails, just send me a private message! I'll try to do whatever I can to help.
Level 7
Jul 5, 2007
Great tidings to you! And I proudly welcome you to the Hive Community, JakeCake. Have a splendid time. Please follow the rules and be a good member and there will be absolutely no problems for you. :grin:

Also good luck on your Out of Shadows map, in hopes it will be good and prosper in Bnet greatly. If your game is out I would like to try it jus give me the link or somethin. :wink:
Level 9
Dec 17, 2007
Yeah, i will post/send a link to you when its done, but of cause there was a "major bug" with an A.I script, so i just deleted most of it, they can still upgrade, buy artibuttes and attack, but the spell-cast triggers was bugged so much that i just choosed to delete it, but it will work in a upcoming version soon.(Hopefully:bored:)

But i will like to tell a little about my map: Its a little 64x96 map, two teams of 5 players, 8 working heroes with 4 spells most of them never seen before, its like an simple dota mixed with heroLinewars, but the hero is not overpowered, and they are balanced good.

The objective:
is to kill the other teams "Boss" he/it will be summoned when all the towers of that team is dead

Some commands are avaible(-Agi max, -str max, -int max,or -all max), but heroes are not the only way to defeat the enemy force, sending and upgrading creeps is the key to win, there are four upgrades you can reserch to make your creeps better.
+ Health: Incresses creeps and towers hit points.
+ Damage: Incresses damage done by creeps and towers.
+ Speed: Incresses movement and attack rate by creeps only.
+ Creeps: Incresses Creeps per wave, (One wave each 15-20 Seconds)

Also very important is that you can set AI on, and it realy works well, just as hard as real players, well they beat me:grin:..

- To make some more action and the gameplay better, the day and night change things a lot.
- 8 Heroes avaible, 2 more comming up
- The map is not protected in any way
- There is over 1000 lines of Gui
- 11 Custom made items is avaible
- Also much time has bin used on terraining
- There is no imported models, only custom loading and minimap image, but still a size on 400kb
- And much much more
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