Introduction - JamesAlex12

Level 2
Mar 14, 2012
Hello, all gamers.

My name is JamesAlex12, I have been reading and finding various maps in HiveWorkShop since 2011, since this is a great map website. And now, I joined Hiveworkshop in March 2012 to stick with the hiveworkshop community.

I am currently weak on any game skills, but I am currently learning to make a zombie survival game such as Undead Assault, and all of those because these kind of games are going dead in Warcraft 3.

I am currently 14 years old, Form 2 and is currently forth class. Yet, my ambition is to become a great game creator. I have been creating several games for other websites such as Roblox (I know you are laughing), Minecraft Servers, and other games. And now, I am currently learning Warcraft 3 Game Creating.

I hope I can find a few friends here that I can help with game projects. And this is the end of introducing myself, thank you.