how would I code these spells?

Level 5
Aug 8, 2008
how would I code this?

Spell 1: lowers a single enemy's hp to increase the life of nearby allies

Spell 2: percentage of missing hp deals damage to nearby enemies

Spell 3: For every nearby unit armor is increased

Spell 4: Revive non hero units

Spell 5: Lower damage but its like the opposite of a critical strike so critical armor

Spell 6: Removes Buffs + If an enemy attacks the selected unit they get stunned.

Spell 7:Throws three axes at an enemy. Each with .03 seconds in between. The first axe increases the amount of damage taken and stops life regen. The second axe slows and the third axe deals damage.

Spell 8:Each second the hero gains a charge and when used the spell goes on cooldown and the amount healed and the extra speed limit is determined by how many charges were used.

Spell 9: Invis at night and Truesight during the day

Spell 10: Causes Three spirits from the past to dance around the targeted unit protecting them from 90% of harm. After the dance any damage that was blocked is added together or totalled and the damage is distributed between the protected ally and the next enemy to attack the protected ally.

Spell 11: Set int to 0 for a few seconds.

Spell 12: Whenever a spell is used near the hero the caster loses mana and the hero gains mana

Spell 13:Whenever the hero uses a spell nearby enemies lose mana.

Spell 14: The int of nearby enemies raises the total life and damage of the hero

Spell 14: Has an aura that deals bonus damage to enemies that have missing mana

Spell 15: A tree flies from a random location and hits the enemy

Spell 16: Lower the duration of nearby disables (Question will restunning/silencing/etc the unit reset the stun time?)

Spell 17: Trip wire type of skill....wire can be between the ending and starting location of a shockwave Or you can link two trees together.

Spell 18: A spell that sets an invisible ward that blocks spells in an aoe

Spell 19: A spell that sets an invisible ward that blocks damage that is basically critical damage block and critical spell damage block

Spell 20: % of missing life burns the mana from enemies....

Spell 21: When a spell is used near the hero they get bulkier and get more magic resistence

Spell 22: target loses mana until they kill some units. Whenever a spell (Allied/enemy/self) is used near the victim they take damage

spell 23: Causes nearby enemies to take extra damage depending on how much mana they are missing.

Spell 24: Chain spell that bonds units. If one unit recieves a spell effect the other units recieve it also

Spell 25: Reverses mana with life will not work if mana is below a certain point.

Spell 26: Locusts swarm but instead of taking life it takes mana and you can let it loose in a location instead of following the hero.

Spell 27: Attacks burn mana and collects it. After you have gained enough mana you will be able to deal damage depending on how much mana you have collected.

Spell 28: Steals damage from an enemy and evenly distributes it to surrounding allies.

29: A increased attackspeed spell that starts in a big aoe and gets smaller over time and when it is done it heals all allies within the aoe.

30:Wind that travels in a circle out from the hero and outward any units that are caught in the gust are brought to the otherside of the hero with slowed ms
31: A chain spell that merges non-hero, non-neutral units
THink a circle that starts at the caster and ends at the caster and brings any units in its path towards the caster.

32: has some effect when the hero loses mana
One last question even though I've read the instructions on how to get a dummy unit to cast spells I still cannot get it to work.
Level 30
Jan 31, 2010
You can code those abilities via triggers. I suggest you to request a spell coder if your experience is not that good in World Editor Triggers.

Dummy units are a part of nearly all custom abilities. They are invisible, unselectable, and they cast the effects upon multiple targets, such as casting Holy Light upon all nearby targets, which is a spell not to be found in the world editor.

Read through this, as it can explain you a little bit more:
Level 29
Mar 10, 2009
Spell 1: lowers a single enemy's hp to increase the life of nearby allies

Spell 2: percentage of missing hp deals damage to nearby enemies

All you spells can be done using but Im just gonna mention 2 as Im not in my PC...

1) cast it to the enemy unit, then add Unholy Aura with negative values and allies it to a hashtable, wth damage over time and timer...

2) needs to calculate the percentage of missing hp...