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How can I upload images with transparency ?

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Level 17
Jul 1, 2010
What formats are supported ? I can't find the image upload rules or guide...
I wanted to upload a PNG that has transparency and it appeared white instead of transparent, so what I'm asking is actully does Hive Workshop support transparent images ?


Off-Topic Moderator
Level 39
Dec 27, 2006
Transparent images are definitely supported, a glimpse at particular avatars should tell you as much. Oddly enough this seems to a reoccuring issue.

Not sure of the cause, but I usually manage to circumvent it by rescaling and reformatting... Put differently, I just strap on a blindfold, open photoshop, and let my instincts do all the work.

Piece of cake once you've honed your instincts to a certain degree of accuracy.


Site Director
Level 62
Jan 1, 2006
The Hive does support .PNG images.

But it's a known issue, and it will be resolved.

If by:
it appeared white instead of transparent
You mean that when clicking the attachment, the image viewer loads it and shows up with white background instead of transparent?

Try and use the URL of the attachment image and insert it within



Level 3
Aug 15, 2007
If you are talking about uploading transparent avatars, there is a common error that occurs oddly in vBulletin and it seems to happen when a transparent png or gif has to be re-sized by vBulletin during the uploading process (because it exceeds the maximum requirements for avatar size).

I am not sure if this is the case with your problem, but you can eliminate possible interference by resizing the avatar in Photoshop/GIMP/etc. before uploading it. If it still doesn't come out correctly, it might be a more complicated issue.

Hope it helps.
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