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Hi to all

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Level 1
Aug 20, 2008
Just wanted to say hello to everyone. xCore here. I'm a mapmaker and I'm actually working on a project now and I have a problem, but I'll post that in the appropriate forum.

Anyway, hi. :grin:
Level 19
Sep 14, 2007
Welcome to The Hive Workshop, xCore.

Welcome to THW im sure your maps problems can be solved here. If you have additional problems you can Private Message me. Have a gret time here.

Feel free to begin posting right away. We have a quite friendly community here and only wish to make your time all that much better. But you should keep in mind that even the Hive Workshop has rules that you should try to remember. Take a look at the The Hive Workshop FAQ Page, for a detailed list of rules to follow. As long as you follow them you will surely not be pressured to review them.

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If you are in the midst of making your own map or campaign and need assistance, check out the World Editor Help Zone. Go ahead and ask our experienced mappers for help. Remember to Search before posting! This will surely help you find quicker the answers you need.

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Visit the mentioned forums as well if you want to submit a map or campaign, a new custom resource, or a tutorial.

Once again, welcome to the Hive Workshop! We wish you good luck in your Warcraft III modding days.

Sincerely, the Hive Workshop Greeters :smile:
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