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hey guys :)

Level 4
Feb 9, 2008
ello there guys, ive been at the hive for bout 1month now and its been great and i realised that ive never really introduced myself, so here goes

hi lol im shadoye, real names Mikey and im a 13 year old student is queensland. I love sport and am a regional cross-country runner. Lately ive been trying to learn to model and skin but havent had much success. Atm im workin on 2 projects. 1-The satyrs final stand, which is about 6 satyrs running away from 3 succubus and they've gotta get stronger and fight back, kinda like a tag map. 2-Final Fantasy Finale, its kinda stopped cuz i havent found a good Kimahri model yet but its going well.

thanks for reading guys, laters