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[Trigger] Help with a Simple Problem

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Level 5
Aug 7, 2004
All I want to do is have the player enter a chat message, which gets saved as a string variable. I've tried to find a way to do this, but it never works. The way I currently have it in my map is:

Event -> Player 1 Red enters a chat message containing (empty string) as a substring

Action -> Set (HeroName) = Entered Chat String
Game - Display to (all players) the text (Your name is + HeroName)

In game, the only thing that shows up when you enter the message is "Your name is," which indicates that the variable isn't getting saved as anything. I also tried using one of the special events in WE Unlimited:

Event -> Player 1 Red Sends a Chat Message

This produced the same results. Does anyone know how to do this correctly?
Not open for further replies.