Help! I really need a good Fel Orc Far Seer

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Mar 9, 2011
Hello there, have a nice day everyone!

I have the next request:

I have been looking since... forever, for a good Fel Orc Far Seer skin/model and a Fel Orc Far Seer Icon.

For the model I just need the green skin to become red skin, eyes to become green and if possible, the wolf to become a demonic wolf (like the one of the Fel Orc Raider). Same with the Icon.

I know that for most of you this request must be dumb and simple, but for me it's not, I have tried to do the skin myself but only complete disasters have been the result, I want a real Fel Orc skin for the Far Seer so I can continue my Fel Orc project. But at the moment it seems impossible for me.

I hope somebody can help me with these. I will be eternally grateful!

I know I'm just asking for a recolor, but in the whole site I haven't been able to find even one close to what I'm asking, so I seriosly need someone to help me with this. And for those who still have their doubts, yes I did a search for it throught the site before posting this.
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