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Level 1
Aug 16, 2009
I am Mii1234, one of the creators of Vampirism Armageddon, and soon to be the creator of a map which is yet unnamed, about the Ancestry Characters.

I have been downloading skins for both projects for a while, and am looking for a working Deprotector to start reviving maps that were killed by the latest patch:thumbs_down: (ill put a [r] in thier name, and REprotect them after. i would never change those maps.)

I will begin making skins as soon as i can figure out how, and with what tool. I have ideas for some good ones... :zip:

Will someone please tell me where i can find a Saruman/Gandalf the White skin/model and its path? ive tried every path i know, and i KNOW it exists.
Level 9
May 23, 2009
Nice map btw.

Welcome to hive workshop.
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Good day or night.

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