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Graphic Request for Minimap Preview

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Level 14
Aug 31, 2009
Greetings all.

My Team Hero Survival game (see signature) has a very lame minimap preview image at the moment, due to my lack of editing programs/resources.

I'm offering a spot on the credits as well as some nice +rep to anyone who could do the following.

I would like you to create a minimap preview image (256x256) that depicts the following:

Image must show/be:
1) A Dreadlord stood besides a paladin. Both of them striking at a small group of Naga. (eg. Myrmidons, Snap Dragons, Murgul Reavers etc.)
2) Behind the Dreadlord and Paladin, a Firelord casting a spell of some description.
3) Stylised Text (Choose what you think is appropriate) at the bottom reading: "Damage Team Survival" with smaller text underneath reading "Created by Lord Damage". Must be clear and easy to read.
4) A mostly black/dark background, so as to make the Heros and creatures more prominant in the picture. I'll allow some degree of freedom on this though if you can make something better looking.

File Format is irrelevant, as I have software to convert from most file types into TGA format.

The image can be a photoshop masterpiece or you can do it using ingame models or whatever, I really don't mind.

You may add your own watermark or signature to the image, but please put that at the top right if you would like to add it (i.e. don't obscure the image).

Thanks for any attempts at this that you can give, and as I say, I'll be greatly appreciative of it.
Level 13
Mar 6, 2008
I'm trying to make it...

With bg:


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