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[Trigger] Flags

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Level 8
Dec 16, 2007
I got 5 flags in my map, which are all neutrals at the start of the game.
Let's say that team 1 is human and team 2 is orc, if someone from team 1 (human) comes whitin 500 range of a neutral flag for 10 seconds without leaving the range/being stunned/sleeped the flag will turn into a human flag and change it's ownership to "ally of team 1 (player1).

And of course if a unit from team 2 it will turn into an orc flag instead.

But if a neutral flag is already converted to a human flag, and a unit from team 2 (orc) comes in range of the flag for 10 seconds without being interrupted the flag will turn from human to orc.

Is it possible to make something like this?
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Level 9
May 28, 2007
I'm sure it can be done, here is something rough that may work but not as accurate as you posted. First make a region in the flag area instead of Unit- Within Range

If a unit comes within range of one of the flags, then the HumanBoolean will become true. If an orc goes in the area, OrcBoolean is true.

Make another trigger, every 10 seconds if HUman Boolean is true, and Orc is false then change the ownership for human, then another one if OrcBoolean is true, and Human is false, then change ownership to orc.

Lastly, make 2 triggers so if someone leaves the region, and they belong to Orc, then set OrcBoolean to false, and same thing for humans.

This may or not work, but hopefully it'll give you some idea.
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