Explain how to import/use custom spells off this site?

Level 4
Feb 9, 2008
hello guys,

im sorry if i seem to be asking the stupidest question of all time but i dont know how to use a spell that ive downloaded off this website and use it in my custom map please explain?

also ive heard its got something to do with the GUI script and so on and so forth but just explain cuz i read another forum and it was on the same topic and one of the replies was "use the custom script/trigger in the spell u downloaded" and so i looked at the spells i downloaded and all i had was just the spell in a blp file and there was nothing else there as to find the custom script.

so basically wat ive done ive downloaded "freezing field" under the sources catergory...i extrated the files/folders>>>i got 1 file overall which was 'Freezing Field.w3x' and ive imported that into my custom map but i cant figure out how to use it from there

(heres the link to the freezing field spell-DOWNLOAD IT AND EXPLAIN TO ME THE STEPS IF YA CAN)


well anyways thanks guys if anyone can help me with this ill gladly give em rep and credit in map :) thanks guys
Level 5
Aug 27, 2007
Copy the triggers and objects for the spell into your map. No imports are needed (unless it uses custom models). For example, if it has a trigger called "Bla," copy that into your map, and copy any object data it needs from the object editor, such as the spell that triggers it and any dummies used. You'll also need to adjust the object fields so that they go off of the right ability, etc.
Level 21
Aug 9, 2006
Hm, sorry but this is a question you could answer yourself, and when you can't you aren't ready to use custom spells, because you would have million questions.

Okay, don't import the map, simply open the spell map you downloaded in the warcraft 3 world editor and check the trigger editor and export all the stuff (variables, trigger editor header (where the name of the map is written in the trigger editor), the trigger which contains the triggers which are used in the spell)

And when you have now no clue simply stop it and start small, with exploring the trigger/unit/terrain editor by trying stuff, the small guy takes no big steps, he starts small steps and gets bigger steps over time.