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Caster Hand attachments

Okay here are some little caster attachments I whipped up. They are based off of the similar wow ones (before you start yelling at me, remind yourself of olof's two dragons), but I made them much better! Now they only use in-game textures and they show up well in-game. You could attach them via triggers, using the "Art - Caster" thing, or whatever! The pack includes the following:
  • 5 elements of attachments
    • Shadow
    • Holy
    • Water
    • Earth/Nature
    • Fire
  • Each of the main 5 comes in four levels
    • Low
    • Medium
    • High
    • Uber
  • Two bonus elements available in one level each
    • Arcane
    • Lightning
Give credits to Pyritie if you use them!

caster hand attachments fire earth holy light life nature leaf water magic arcane lightning storm darkness shadow dark cast effect
18:18, 15th Apr 2008 General Frank: Models are all approved and therefore pack is approved.




18:18, 15th Apr 2008
General Frank:

Models are all approved and therefore pack is approved.
Level 3
Jun 3, 2008
You just made my day. :)

Wait, what exactly is "olof's two dragons"? And how do I credit Pyritie in my map? (Is there a specific way to do this or what?)
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Level 4
Sep 27, 2007
the models are great just one thing.... they dont all look too muhc different from eachtoehr and i guess that they'll probably all look same (almost) ingame..
but otherwise greatjob

how do I credit Pyritie in my map?
well there are many ways you xcan do this..
you can
first of all:
*have credits with pyrties name beside it in the loading screen or quests log
*have a character thats uber strong in an area but cant be attacked or can be, or have it as a king (whatever your want the hero/unit to be) and put the UBER versions of the orbs around it?
*floating text?
*say the credits to everyone at the start/end
*if an item gives you the orb attachement you could put the credits at the end of the text of the item.

and lots more
Level 2
Aug 9, 2008
well im uber noob with these modleing thing and every time i try opening it with world edit it gives me a error and i was wondering if im doing some thing roung or what but this is exactly what i need for my new game.. plz help :(
Level 5
Apr 19, 2009
very good, could be used for
caster effect (as mentioned :p)
locust like unit/effect

Level 2
Dec 10, 2009
awsome, just what i need, hehe can you make a wind element attachment?? its kinda incomplete without the wind element.