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Bnet Heaven

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Jul 28, 2009
BnetHeaven.com is a social networking site created for, but not limited to, battle.net players. So far, we support Starcraft-Broodwar, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, and World of Warcraft. We hope to spread to many more games/consoles.


We provide each user with a completely customizable profile. The user has his/her own gallery where he/she can upload pictures. They also can upload music to be played on their profile.


We also provide users with Live Chat. (If the user has brought one friend to bnetheaven.com)
This function can be used for private chat or even clan meetings. If a clan is recognized on bnetheaven.com (A clan profile is required) for bringing many members to bnetheaven.com, they will receive their own room on Live Chat along with a bot in which the founders will have control. (We hope to support Webcam Chat in thee future)


We provide users with the ability to post events whether that be tournaments or graphics contests. This may be used by clans as well. We give users the ability to create polls, blogs, and quizzes:


We provide clans with FREE webhosting! This comes with a clan management pre-installed! Each clan will receive a sub-domain: http://clan-site.bnetheaven.com/

Default Layout(customizable):


Just request webhosting @ webhosting.bnetheaven.com (Sign-up at bnetheaven.com required)


**We provide users with a forum for software releases, buying/selling products, support, displaying artwork(graphi design), etc.**

We provide users with the ability to look for users in a specific realm or that play a specific game.


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