Arrays of Arrays?

Level 2
Mar 5, 2006
Is there a way to create an array of pointers or references that store the positions of other variable arrays?

I want to be able to have a condition like

(entered chat string) equal to RandomVariable1[1]

where RandomVariable1[RandomNumber1] is set to RandomVariable2[RandomNumber2]

I am trying to make a remake of Sound Factory and am having trouble trying to make a flexible system for question and answer, with flexible meanining that I can put the sounds made by human units in a variable and orc spell sounds in another variable and then when I check player answering i can do the check above to see if it is equal to answers[2], where answers[2] is set to humanunitsanswers[random], where random is a random number generated to give random questions to players. I want to be able to do this so i can randomly select what type of question it will be ( like human unit question, or night elf building question )

If you know a simpler way to do this please let me know. I think this might need JASS. If i don't get this done then I will still be able to create the map, but the way the sounds and answers are initialised will look messy.