[Anime Model] Saint Seiya (Zodiac knights)

Level 11
Dec 31, 2007
Hi... first of all

ive been looking up on internet, on this forum, on a Chinese forum about anime models (here they say that there you may find anything, but unfortunately i couldnt) and in some more places, but i couldnt find saint seiya models anywhere.

All i need is (if possible :p) a fan of saint seiya who wants to work on this with absolutely no pressure about timing or anything.

My map is done and working since long time ago, maybe somebody has seen it already it is called Sacred War Revolution and is an AoS map based on this anime.

**(SKIP this part it is just history) the map used to be made by a guy who was very creative, but he got into WoW and never ever returned to edit the map... a year ago i asked him for it and he gave it to me... since that time im learning how to work on the editor (no previous knowledge) and fixing/balancing things up.**

What i want is, if anybody wants to, finds this interesting or knows this anime (first episodes came from the 80), to make a nice model for this map. I dont pretend to have my 50+ heroes done in spectacular models who will be the envy of Blizzard( i dont even have space for that), nor even them to be the main attraction of this map (the attraction of it are sounds and skills), just a nice model that fits in my map ^^

If anybody is interested post here ill send as much info as i can =)

Thx to anybody that reads this and hope somebody will like the idea