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  1. Type 97 Chi-Ha

    Type 97 Chi-Ha

    The Chi-Ha was the most produced medium tank of the IJA. Later in the war, it received a new turret and a more powerful 47mm AT gun, that version was known as the Type 97 Kai.
  2. BA-64


    Just different view angles for the BA-64
  3. BA-64B A.C

    BA-64B A.C

    Soviet reconnaissance Armoured Car, Mesh is about 95% done, hull was rendered from scratch, just need to finalise its UV mapping
  4. Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe"

    Sd.Kfz. 124 "Wespe"

    German Self-Propelled artillery of WWII. Credits to HerrDave for base models and guidance.
  5. Churchill Tank

    Churchill Tank

    The British infantry tank of WW2, will see if i can do a Crocodile (Flamethrower Version) before i upload it. Credits to HerrDave for the base models and animating the last 3 wheels