1. Austin-Kegresse


    WW1 Russian armored car
  2. 1870s French Infantry

    1870s French Infantry

    Infantry for use in imperial risk type games, Crimean war stuff, Franco Prussian war stuff, ww1 stuff, Paris Commune stuff etc Based off of Herr Dave's Russian infantry models
  3. Tank_TKS-B_MG     [poland]

    Tank_TKS-B_MG [poland]

    -editedby:Dhafin-WW- -the owner of the original model: HerrDave and SonsOfSami -edit:Tank_RenaultFT to be Tank_TKS-B_MG
  4. Ford 3-Ton Tank     [american] or [french]

    Ford 3-Ton Tank [american] or [french]

    -editedby:Dhafin-WW- -the owner of the original model: HerrDave's & SonsOfSami -edit:Tank_RenaultFT to be Ford 3-Ton
  5. Putilov 107mm M1910

    Putilov 107mm M1910

    A reproduction of the russian field cannon, produced during the years that immediately predated the start of WW1 in the Putilov-Schneider factory of St. Petersburg. The Revolution of February in 1917 was sparked in this very factory. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kirov_Plant