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world of warcraft rping

  1. Raptor0719

    Trying to get stuff started here!

    Intro: Trying to see if i can redeem this forum after Eggy demolished it. So! Here it goes! Names with a ":" are people speaking quotes is just to tell you whats happening Trolfom: Hurry my friend! We dont have much time! "Trolfom, a great warrior of Stromgaurd continued on the trail to his...
  2. Eggy

    The day illidan lost....

    Thou shalt not hurt thy princess of dudettes haha.... You leave me no choice! *slice* Noooo my wings! You have been beaten by an Egg. No! Yea! No! K... Thats right! Fool! you are an egg! *pewpew* <Eggy dies> <Eggy is reborn> wtf mate? You cannot kill me...